Yes, Minivans can be COOL! The KIA Sedona SXL is class and luxury rolled into one awesome vehicle!

My family got to check out the KIA Sedona SXL.  This was quite a new adventure for us as we have never had a minivan before.  As a football, baseball, and soccer mom, I am kind of angry with myself for not checking one of these out sooner!  This minivan is the mother of all minivans!  As a matter of fact, I was told this is like the limo of minivans, and he was certainly not lying.  It has every bell and whistle you could possibly think of.  There is just so much to tell you!
Before I get into all that, I have to tell you I was a little intimidated just by the sheer size of this minivan.  As someone that has only driven sedan sized cars, I was taken back when I took over the driver’s seat. It’s not that the vehicle itself is this LARGE thing, it is just that I am not familiar with driving larger vehicles.   I just kept thinking to myself…”Oh my goodness, are you going to be able to see when driving this thing?  Can you back out of spots in this thing?  How in the world are you going to be able to turn your head and really get a good view of what is coming?”   Words can’t even begin to express the anxiety that took over me as I set the thing in drive and started out.  That was short lived!  It took me about five minutes of driving before I realized, I had it all under control!

The Kia Sedona is so much more than a minivan!  There is just so much to this impressive vehicle that sets it apart from others, that it is hard to know just where to begin!   So I will start with how roomy it is.   With enough room to seat 7 comfortably, you are going to be able to tote everyone and almost anything you need to.  Plus, the middle seats recline.  Not only do they recline and have a footrest; but also, the middle seats have the ability to move from left to right.  Got something you need to put in the minivan and it won’t quite fit through the passageway?  No problem!  How about letting people exit the vehicle easily?  The ability to be able to move the seats easily allows you flexibility.  Someone wants to sit in the back and they are first to get out will not be an issue in this minivan!

Another awesome feature of this vehicle is the memory driver’s seat position.  The Kia Sedona will set itself to the driver.  Just how does that work?  Basically, you set up ahead of time your seat position. From that point on whenever you enter the car with your key-fob, the car automatically knows who is driving and it sets itself to that seat position.  With two key-fobs, you and your significant other can have your own presets.


Second row seating in the KIA Sedona speaks for itself! These seats are amazing! They move forwards and backwards and side to side. They can recline and have an extendable foot rest. These seats are like having one if those lazy boys in your vehicle!
Second-row seating in the KIA Sedona speaks for itself! These seats are amazing! They move forwards and backward and side to side. They can recline and have an extendable foot rest. These seats are like having one if those lazy boys in your vehicle!


Below you will see some of my favorite features of the Kia Sedona.


When using the navigation system, the directions appear right in your direct view as the driver.
The KIA Sedona has a drop down mirror that allows you to see the action in the backseat. No need to turn your head around to deal with kids or carry on a conversation or having to adjust your rear view mirror. This fabulous mirror gives you the entire view of the car. Great thinking KIA!
What do you want or need to see as a driver? You gotta choice in the 2016 KIA Sedona.  Use your steering wheel to adjust what you want to see on your dashboard by simply clicking through.
The controls in the middle console are awesome! The VIEW button allows you to use the 360-degree camera. The 2016 KIA Sedona has a 360-degree camera that allows you to see from all angles. This makes parking and reversing so much easier!   You can also set your driving mode and take advantage of the heated steering wheel.  You can even set the roomy captain’s chairs in the front to heated or cooled!
Confession time!  Sometimes my husband gets really frustrated with me because I do not straighten out the wheels when I pull into a parking space.  It is not that my parking is crazy or bad.  Quite the opposite! I pull in nicely, but I don’t take the time to straighten out the wheels.  Need another reason to LOVE the 2016 KIA Sedona?   Check out the photo above! If your wheels aren’t lined up, no worries.  Just check the two sets of lines provided on the screen.  It clearly shows you TWO sets of lines so you can easily reverse.  The yellow lines show you the course you are on with the current placement of your wheels.  The blue shows you where you should be.
Could they think of anything else to add?  of course they did!  A compass! Might not sound like much, but it is! Knowing your direction at all times can be quite useful.
Love the ease that the KIA Sedona offers. Literally, everything is at your fingertips! The Sedona comes equipped with an Infinity stereo sound system. It produces a high-quality sound throughout the entire vehicle.  Everything is easily accessible right here in the center dashboard.
It even has a dual touchscreen. Being able to keep the navigation up while doing other things like changing the radio station is important.
With a 3.3L DOHV CVT V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission with sportmatic, we fell in love.
Sedonas start out at a base price of 26,900 and have many sweet, standard features such as:

First Class Lounge Seating

Heated steering wheel

Heated 2nd-row seating

Drive Mode Select

Active Eco System

The Infinity® Audio System

Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control

Blind Spot Detection System

Front &Rear Parking Assist

Rear Seat Entertainment System



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  1. Sounds like a perfect car with awesome features! I would love to get test drive!!
  2. suchi says
    loved the caption Mini Van's are cool! Yeah! i thing it is a super functional when it comes to a big family! Sedona looks pretty stylish too!
  3. Cole says
    I actually really like mini vans! But with only one child I don't have a need for such a big vehicle. Still, this one sounds awesome!
  4. fashionphases says
    I own a Kia Soul and love it! Although I really love the cool style of the Kia Sedona, thanks for sharing the details with us. Have a great weekend :)
  5. Fashionable Librarian says
    Oh yeah, they can be cool and that one is super cool
  6. cgmjemus says
    We would love to take a ride in that. Really sounds like it is loaded with all kinds of high end features.
  7. cgmjemus says
    Reblogged this on cgmjemus's Blog.
  8. Erica says
    My parents have the 2015 and I love driving it!
  9. Jennifer L. } Modern Chic says
    Oh this looks very cool, especially for a minivan. Love the cool features too. Hmm may need to check this out asap.
  10. I have never been a van person but this one looks pretty cool! I like having room to get everything at one time, this looks like it could do that and more!
  11. Izabela says
    It sounds like a great car for a bigger family. The feature that automatically adjusts your sitting position sounds cool.
  12. Looks so cool and perfect for bigger family!! I would love to take a ride!
  13. Anamika Ojha says
    I love the lounge sitting and leg space. My friend has recently bought this car and she is finding it amazing!

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