World of Coca Cola Offers Discounts for Georgia Residents in October

World of Coke

It’s always good to live in Georgia, but during the month of October, the World of Coca-Cola will make it a little sweeter to call the Peach State home.

Georgia Resident Ticket Offer: 2 for $25

Starting Tuesday, Oct. 1, the attraction is extending a special discounted ticket price to the residents of Coca-Cola’s home state: two general admission tickets for $25, a total savings of $7 or more than 20% off regular adult admission.

World of Coke

World of Coke

College Student Ticket Offer: $10 each

Take a break from the books and experience one of Atlanta’s favorite destinations. For a limited time, the World of Coca-Cola is offering $10 tickets for college students. From Sept. 27 through Oct. 13, college students can present their school IDs at the ticketing window to get more than 40% off regularly priced tickets.

World of Coca Cola

  1. says
    I wish I was Atlanta resident. Nice offer.
  2. Meg says
    Oh darn! I didn't even know this was there - looks fun! I want to go visit it now :)
  3. GiGi Eats says
    My husband is OBSESSED with DIet Coke. If this tour offered free coke beverages, he'd be ALL FOR IT! hahahaha!
  4. Tara Pittman says
    That would be a fun place to visit. I love companies that offer discounts to residents.
  5. Anamika says
    It would be fun for Georgia residents as world of coca cola company is giving nice offer.
  6. Dona says
    This sounds delightful. It looks like an interesting exhibit. I'm always fascinated by exhibits. Do they host anywhere other than Georgia?
  7. Natasha says
    It's so cool that residents get perks. We plan to travel there and looking for things to do. This looks like a good option!
  8. Claudia Krusch says
    This would be so much fun. I have friends that live in Georgia. I will have to share this with them.
  9. Sandra Creso says
    This looks awesome! I have been to Atlanta but never visited this place too bad I won't be in the area then but ty for sharing!
  10. Cat Khanh says
    This sounds great! I regret that I am not an Atlanta resident. This exhibition seems really attracitve. Thanks for sharing this!
  11. Mal says
    This is so neat! I honestly had no idea there even was a world of Coca Cola!! Good thing to know in case we travel there :)
  12. Sohaiba Irfan says
    Wow this looks so amazing! I so wanna go!
  13. Stephanie Pass says
    This looks like fun! I would totally visit there the next time we are in Atlanta.
  14. Crystal Carder says
    I wish I was closer to this! The World of Coca Cola sounds like a great place to visit and I always love a good deal!
  15. Kelly Hutchinson says
    We visited the World of Coca Cola a few years ago. The kids and I were fascinated!
  16. Tiffany Haywood says
    This is such a great deal! I don't live in Georgia but the World of Coca Cola has been on my list of places to visit for a bit now. I may need to check that off sooner rather than later!
  17. Blair villanueva says
    Coca-Cola is one of the legendary brands that keep on innovating. Glad that they are giving discounts. I always enjoy their exhibitions, and other initiatives.
  18. ron leyba says
    This is awesome. Great that they offer discount this October!
  19. Nicole says
    You know, I lived in Atlanta for a little over a year and I never went to the Coca-Cola building. This post is making wish I had went.
  20. Berlin says
    Love the Coca Cola brand because of its advocacy. Love the taste, too.
  21. Oyinkan says
    Totally not a coke deinker... but I think it's great that they offered discounts to people.
  22. katrina gehman says
    i'm not a huge coke fan, but i do love their bottles and designs.
  23. sarah says
    I love their commercials during holidays.
  24. Rebecca Swenor says
    Coca-Cola has been around for so many years and it would be fun to visit World of Coca-Cola. This would be fun for the whole family. Thanks for sharing the information.
  25. Shannon Gurnee says
    We love the Coca Cola brand! This sounds like a great way to save money!
  26. Mommy Rockin' In Style says
    Coca-Cola has been part our life so this must be a place to visit! Wish they have the same on our country. Thanks for sharing!

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