Winter Car Care

Winter Car Care

I live in Georgia, and while our winters are quite mild here, we still have to make sure our cars are ready for the winter months ahead.  One thing I have learned about living here is that you will often go from one extreme to another.  One day it may be in the 70s and the next day we have a freeze warning!  Seriously! Whether or not we experience the blistering cold temperatures typically seen in the Northern states, we still want to make sure that we are ready for whatever weather comes our way.  During the winter, it is especially important that your car is ready!

Several years ago Atlanta was under an Iceamageddon!  You may have seen us on the news.  What a terrible disaster that was.  While it was a total embarrassment for our state, there were several great things that came about.  First, we have a system in place now that does not take these weather warnings lightly.  Schools and businesses either have early release days or close altogether.  Second, the amount of generosity and goodwill that spread throughout our city during ice storm was truly awe-inspiring!  Third, it prompted people throughout our state to prepare car emergency kits, my family included.

Winter EmergencyCar Kit

Winter Emergency Car Kit

If you don’t already have an emergency kit in your car now, this is the time to do it! Here are some of the items that  we have in our emergency kit.

Bottled Water

First Aid Kit

Car Battery Charger




Change of Clothes

Emergency Pop Up Cones

Portable Battery Charger for Phone

High Protein Snacks like peanuts and power bars

Winter Car Care

Another thing you may need to consider is whether or not you need to store your car for the winter.  Okay, I know that may sound crazy, but when I was growing up my grandfather would take his classic car and store it in the garage.  I always thought it was quite crazy of him to do this, but now that I am older, I totally get it!  Of course, he knew what he was doing.  Why would I even doubt him!   Cars are an investment, and if you have something that is a prized possession to you, you will want to make sure to give it some extra attention in the winter.   There are just some cars that may need to be stored during the winter such as a convertible.   Unfortunately, I do not have my grandfather to talk to anymore, but I do have!  They have written an article that tells you exactly what you need to do to store that vehicle.  You can read it here.

Is your car ready for the Winter?  Do you need to take it to the shop to make sure? is an excellent resource to turn to for assistance.  They can give you the name of several service and repair shops in your area with high ratings.  As a female, this makes me very happy.  I want to know that where I take my car is a place that is reputable.  I love that has already figured that out for me since I do not have my grandfather around.

Do you want to actually do some basic maintenance things at home and don’t know how? has that covered too.  From changing the oil  to replacing tires, they have got the step by step directions to make this something anyone can do at home.

As you get ready for the winter season ahead, make sure that your car is ready too. is a great resource for ALL your car needs.  Whether you are looking to get assistance or to find that next vehicle or just need some guidance, turn to the people that have done the research for you,!

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