Whole Lotta Fun with Ziploc Brand Products this Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us, and that means it is time to decorate, shop, bake and craft!  Just walk into Walmart and the holiday cheer is ready to greet you. From the twinkling lights to the toys that are waiting to delight children of all ages, Walmart has got you covered.  As a mom and teacher, this is my one stop shop for all my holiday needs!

One item that is ALWAYS on my list no matter the season are Ziploc® brand products.  These are seriously one of the most versatile items in that store.  If you are doing any baking, organizing, or crafting, chances are you have picked up Ziploc® brand products to help you at one time or another.  Maybe you have done what our family has done and picked up some Ziploc® brand containers to store your ornaments or gift tags in.  Perhaps you have purchased Ziploc® brand gallon slider bags to fill with holiday treats to share with loved ones and friends.  Ziploc® brand products can be used for far more than storage needs.

Ziploc products and projects
Every year my school hosts three special lunches.  Now that might seem like a lot to my readers, and I am sure the cafeteria staff and PTO would agree with you.  It is also hard to plan for each year; however, the complements we get make it all worthwhile.  Thankfully we have come up with a plan that works well for us.  We offer a Thanksgiving, Winter, and Valentine’s lunch.  This allows us to space it out.  Why would we need to do that? With a student body of over 700 students, it is impossible to set aside one day to feed all the guests that attend.  Two grade levels are assigned a special lunch, and they are also given the task of creating table decorations.  This year our classroom has chosen to make turkeys, and what better way to do that than using the gold limited edition Ziploc® brand containers.  These are the perfect size for the body of our turkeys.

Ziploc products and projects

Naturally, I have got a wide variety of crafting supplies for my students to use all neatly tucked away in my classroom closet in Ziploc® brand containers and bags!

The cool thing about these turkeys is that the students can take them home to use on their own tables.  Plus, they have got their own Ziploc® brand take-home container.  If they are anything like my children, they will be filling it up with grandma’s special desserts or momma’s homemade macaroni and cheese!

Naturally, I have got a wide variety of crafting supplies for my students to use all neatly tucked away in my classroom closet in Ziploc® brand containers and bags! 

In December, we use them for a very special purpose.  Students bring in supplies for a care package.  These care packages are taken to the local children’s home.  Filled with school supplies and small toys, these Ziploc® brand containers are sure to bring smiles to the lucky recipients.

Talk about being versatile!  Ziploc® brand products really are a holiday necessity! Which Ziploc® brand items do you use each year?  Do you have a creative way to incorporate them into the holiday season?




  1. Monica says
    We LOVE Ziplock bags and containers, I do not want to even imagine how unorganized I would be without them!
  2. Jen Temcio says
    We use ziploc everything! Organization makes me very happy so I have a lot of bags and storage boxes. I use them for everything from craft supplies to leftovers.
  3. Tara Pittman says
    I love the gold containers. They would be great for giving cookies to someone.
  4. Natalie says
    This is such a cute craft idea! Ziploc brand has been a trusted one in our household for years.
  5. Rachel says
    I absolutely love these ideas! The turkey is awesome - I'm going to have my son make some to hand out to guests for leftovers on Thursday!
  6. Claudia Krusch says
    I use Ziploc bags for so many things. It is a great way to keep all my craft supplies organized. I need to stock up for the holidays.
  7. Marcie says
    We use a ton of Ziploc bags and containers all year long. I love how you make packages for kids! Great idea!
  8. Cynthia Nicoletti says
    I love everything Ziploc. We use it for everything you can think of. I like your ideas and will add them too !!
  9. Vũ Thanh Hà says
    I love these products! So cute and convenient! I will absolutely buy them! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Aduke Schulist says
    I guess my idea is just generic.. I use them to give cookies to neighbors
  11. Carissa says
    I LOVE Ziplock! I just used a bunch of them to measure out and store ingredients for Thanksgiving baking to make it easy to throw things together at the last minute.
  12. Tina Gleisner says
    Love your ideas as they're easy enough for the kids to have fun & accomplish something. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Gingermommy says
    Love your ideas! They are so amazing for kids. I love these products.
  14. kelly hutchinson says
    I just used Ziplock bags and containers to clean up from dinner. They are my favorite brand.
  15. Natasha says
    Love these products! We use many of these in our home now...love how they can be used for so many different things.
  16. Jennifer L says
    I love using ziploc bags for my holiday projects, including baking. They’re so easy to use and clean up is great.
  17. Blair villanueva says
    Ziplock is a huge life saver. I use them to safety store my beads and thinkets, for my foods, even my clothes during my travels. Its very useful.
  18. Oyinkan says
    Everyone needs Ziploc! It's so imperative for packing snacks. Super helpful.

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