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Well, the New Year is upon us.  My family and I hope that you had a blessing filled holiday with family and friends.  As we look to the New Year and set those resolutions, you may find yourself setting those resolutions once again.  If you are anything like me you will have some resolutions that just seem to appear year after year on your list of to do.  My biggest two are lose weight and reduce debt.  I wish I could say that I made progress on both of those, but the truth is I feel like I have regressed.  My weight went up and so did my debt.

So this year I am going to do something about it.  When I come back to reflect on the this year in December, I am going to say that I did well on my goals.  So this evening I went online to find some weight loss apps that I could download on my phone.  I need something that is FREE.  Something that will be my dietitian and personal trainer.  Here is what I came across:


Free App- It helps educate you on the foods you buy and eat.  Scan bar codes at the grocery store and find out about the foods you eat. It will actually give the foods you eat a grade.

My Fitness Pal

Free App- This app helps you set up a program to follow after you enter in basic information.

Lose it Weight Loss App

Free App- It is like having a personal trainer. It will give you exercise challenges, healthy recipes, and tracks your progress.  It also has a buddy system in it so you can share and get motivation from others.


As some of you know, I am a Plexus Ambassador.  One of my best friends started Plexus over a year ago.  As one would expect, she tried to get me on board but I refused.  For a year I sat by and watched her post about Plexus and all that it would do for her and others. Well, money. Money for something else is just not something I can do.  Our finances are tight and considering that I want to get out of debt, this kind of goes against that.

HOWEVER, I am also realistic.  I have said this same goal over and over each year and NOTHING ever changes. The fault lies with me, not a program.  I am smart enough to know that sometimes we need a little help or push.

So this year I am downloading an app listed above and embarking on a 45 Day Challenge with Plexus.  What do I have to do lose? NOTHING!  Plexus has a money-back guarantee and you just can’t beat that.  So I am taking the plunge this year and I will invest in my health.  When I come back at the end of 2021, YOU WILL read about the progress I made and not another next year message!


Did you know that for every molecule of sugar we eat, it takes 54 molecules of magnesium to process it!
You better believe I don’t forget to take my BioCleanse every single day!!!! BUT I wanted to remind y’all to be taking yours too! It’s so much more than just a capsule that helps to flush you out! Yep, it’s a magnesium supplement too!

So, I am looking for people who are ready to make a decision for better health in 2021!!!!!! Either people who have NEVER bought Plexus (cannot already be working with another Ambassador) or previous/current customers of mine…

Are you willing to commit for 45 days with our amazing products? 45 days of satisfaction… or get a REFUND! No strings attached!!! Claim your spot and pick a number (or a few) that best describes you! COMMENT or INBOX ME with your number(s) and your commitment!

1. Someone who wants to get healthy!
2. Someone who wants to lose 10-30 lbs
3. Someone who wants longer and stronger hair and/or nails!
4. Someone who needs help managing stress or getting focused!
5. Someone who eats cheat meals every now and then (or more often than not! ha!)
6. Someone who wants to get rid of a muffin top!
7. Someone who wants to be less anxious!
8. Someone who wants to build their immune system!
9. Someone who needs to eat less sugar!
10. Someone who loves to work out!
11. Someone who wants better sleep at night! ZZZZ
12. Someone with aches and pains (sore joints, etc). OUCHIE!
13. Someone who wants to drink MORE water!
14. Someone who needs more energy!!!

I will be on this journey with you and will provide that support and motivation! You will get to be a part of an AMAZING support group, a private Facebook page filled with product info, healthy recipes, exercise tips, and so much more throughout the 45 days for success and small goals met! 

Please feel free to email me at laborders2000@yahoo.com if you want more information.

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