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Watch Ya Mouth Game

Last year a video swept through social media.  It was actually quite funny if you saw it.  It was a scene of some friends gathered around a table.  One of the individuals had this clear plastic device in his mouth and was trying to speak.  It provided millions of people laughs across the US, but it also left people scrambling trying to find this contraption.  Thankfully, you do not have to look much further to get your own!

Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition is the evolution of the original, wildly popular, hilarious Watch Ya’ Mouth game. Rather than just speak phrases, players now go head-to-head with hilarious and challenging tasks – while wearing mouthpieces. Throwdown Edition takes competition – and laughter – to the next level and builds on the multigenerational gaming phenomena.

Watch Ya Mouth Game

Recently my family had a game night, and this game provided HOURS of non-stop laughing.  You might think that the mouthpieces would hurt your mouth, but they really don’t.  They do take a little getting used to, and you gotta be prepared for looking silly.   This is just one of those games where you just have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable (in a good way).

Watch Ya Mouth

Games come with adult and child-sized mouthpieces.  Mouthpieces and other pieces such as the straws or horns are able to be washed for future use.

Watch Ya Mouth Game

The game is basically played by trying to guess what others are saying while wearing the mouthpiece.  I do not think I ever realized just how much my mouth was used to form the words I speak day to day.  Imagine trying to figure out what someone is saying when they can’t form the words correctly!  What comes out is just plain hysterical!

Watch Ya Mouth

You can take the game to the next level by playing the with the Throwdown cards.  These cards really do ramp up the game as you try to compete against others to drink from a straw, blow a horn, move a ping pong ball, and more.

If you are looking for something to give the family this holiday season, we think this should be it!  You are going to have hours of entertainment and memories that will last a lifetime!  Right now you can even save 15% with this code 15THROWDOWN  at

What are you waiting for?  We want to see your family playing this game.  Who knows?  it might go viral!

  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says
    We love playing this game. You have to keep a towel handy for the drool, but it's a small price to pay for all that funny!
  2. Vera says
    This looks like so much fun! I think my kids are going to love it. This is going under the tree this year!
  3. Danielle says
    Oooh. Throwdown edition sounds like a super fun variation on the game. We love playing Watch Ya Mouth, so I know this will go over big time.
  4. Joely Smith says
    LOL what a fun video and game!!! We love family game nights so this is one more awesome game to add to our line up! This makes a wonderful holiday gift too!
  5. Leah says
    My daughter is dying to play this game. She keeps telling me it's on her Christmas list. I think it sounds fun!
  6. Carol Cassara says
    That's such a fun game to have especially when you have a party at home! I think it's going to be a hit with the guests. I was fun watching you guys play it.
  7. Marysa says
    Every time I see demos for this, I can't stop laughing! It looks like so much fun, there is no way it wouldn't be funny! Definitely going on the shopping list this year!
  8. Kathy says
    I love these games. They're so much fun! My daughters had a blast when my husband played it.
  9. Marissa Zurfluh says
    My sister got this game and loved it. It makes me crack up and I plan to get it as a Christmas game.
  10. I bet this is a fun game to play on family game night. We haven't played it yet but it would be a fun gift for the boys for Christmas.
  11. Wendy Polisi says
    This game looks hilarious. We've wanted to get it for a while now.
  12. I love doing family game nights and this looks hilarious. Every single time I see stuff about it, I get the giggles.
  13. Dhemz says
    This game is pretty hilarious and entertaining. I would love to get one for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly says
    I have never heard of Watch Ya Mouth, but it sounds like a great gift for Families or definitely for Secret Santa at work!

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