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My family is actively involved in so many different types of things.  From hiking through local parks to attending theme parks, we stay super BUSY!  Taking along personal items like phones, water bottles, keys, etc is a necessity.   However, I do not like when it is an inconvenience.


Thanks to the Walkabout by Kangeaux, I have a new way to take those thing with me that does not make me check my pockets every couple of minutes.

New carrying concept, the Walkabout by Kangeaux Outdoors, is designed to be an industrial-strength and multifunctional carrying tool for the outdoor adventurer and sports enthusiast alike. With the development of the Walkabout, Kangeaux Outdoors has designed a carrier like none other. It is predicted to become a standard for those “In The Field” — but just as easily, it’s ergonomic fit is ideal for the everyday carry.



The Walkabout’s adaptable nature creates easy solutions for both athletic essentials like sports bottles and baseball caps, as well as everyday items like keys, phones, sunglasses, etc.



Our review:

We were sent two of these to check out.  We used them on a trip that we took camping in the North Georgia Mountains earlier  this summer.  Just as the pictures illustrate, it works great!  We were able to hold up our cooler when we set up our camp which was filled with drinks and sandwiches.  We also used it to hold water bottles when we went out of our hike.

There is truly no other carrier like the Walkabout. Save 20% on your entire purchase!

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Disclaimer:  I was a Kangeaux to review.  No other compensation was received for this post. All opinions presented were 100% mine and will not be influenced by the sponsor.

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  1. cgmjemus says
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  2. cgmjemus says
    Sounds like a great product for active people.
  3. Rosie says
    This Walkabout by Kangeaux is so nice! I walk many places, and I stuff everything I need into pockets, a money belt under my tee, etc. A real pain, and I'm always feeling around to make sure things are still there. I need this!!

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