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Myrtle Beach has an iconic way of life. It has a distinct Southern charm and easy-going people that define the South. Some of the best food and attractions can be found throughout this beautiful beachfront area. It is perfect for not only families but also couples and friends. With its historical past and charm, it is one of those places you will want to discover with family and friends.  It’ll leave you wanting to Vacation Myrtle Beach every year.
Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark

Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark

Located on the south end of Myrtle Beach is a recently renovated resort that is truly beautiful and something you don’t want to miss.   It literally offers the best of everything in one place! Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark recently went through a multi-million dollar remodel and is now even better than ever before!  With new furniture, paint, kitchens, and an amazing water park, this place looks and feels great.  They have even added Town Center, a dining, entertainment, and fun zone, ready to help you have the BEST worry free vacation you have ever had!  How?  Because it literally has EVERYTHING you need- food, fun, beach, accommodations, etc…
Loco Gecko Beach Shak Restaurant

Loco Gecko Beach Shak Restuarant

They have got plenty of dining options! Loco Gecko Beach Shak Restuarant provides a casual dining establishment that offers delectable burgers, wings, and pizza!  Of course, they offer some healthier options like fresh wraps and salads.
One of our favorite things about this eatery is that have both indoor and outdoor seating.  Our family loved eating dinner as the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean.


Grab N’ Go Grill and Coffee Bar

Grab N’ Go Grill and Coffee Bar  offers an AMAZING breakfast buffet with a fresh to order omelet bar.  Each morning I enjoyed freshly made waffles, warm biscuits, scrumptious scrambled eggs, delicious potatoes, and piping hot grits!  Want breakfast meats?  They’ve got crispy bacon and sausage!  

Swirl Ice Cream and Sweet Shop

One of the kid’s favorites and even adults if you really want to the know the truth is Swirl Ice Cream and Sweet Shop. No matter where my family goes, ice cream and candy are just part of our vacation!

Both little and big kids will LOVE the state of the art game room at Crown Reef.  With classics such as skeeball and air hockey to the newest and coolest games like Fruit Ninja, everyone is sure to find something that they will enjoy.  One of the things that I particularly liked was that there was a video game card.  Not only does this card keep the money on it for game use, but also it keeps the tickets.  For a parent, this is a sweet perk!  No longer do I have to worry about making sure I have change for games.   Now the kids can go play their games while momma enjoys gazing out at the ocean.

Crown Reef Resort Waterpark

If having everything you need in terms of eating and entertainment are not enough, they even have a water park that is open 365 days a year rain or shine!  This is something makes staying at Crown Reef a must when you are in Myrtle Beach.  Featuring 2 four-story water slides that twist and turns all while looking out at the Atlantic Ocean to a 575-foot lazy river that allows you to just drift along and not worry about the day ahead, the water park is seriously something that you have to experience!  While the kids enjoyed the slides and lazy river, we enjoyed the hot tubs and outdoor pools during our stay.    The whole time I was there I was thinking to myself how I can’t wait to return with my little children so I can see the excitement in their eyes when they get to play in the kiddie water park will be priceless!

Crown Reef Resort Accommodations

Boasting over 500 rooms with private ocean view balconies,  Crown Reef offers comfortable accommodations.

We stayed in an Oceanfront Queen Deluxe Suite.  This suite opens up to the bedroom that features two double beds.  As you continue to walk through the room you enter the full kitchen which includes full-size appliances with fully stocked cabinets with dishes, pots, and pans.

Planning on traveling with your extended family?  They also have two gorgeous, ocean view beach houses located right down the street from the resort with full access to all of Crown Reef’s amenities!

Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark


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  1. Noel Lizotte says
    I love the idea of family joint goal setting sessions! What a great way to get everybody on board with a project ... whether it's saving money or planning a vacation ... all hands on deck!
  2. Rachel says
    That place looks amazing! I need to go now! Thanks for the print out, have a great 2018!
  3. Crystal Carder says
    That place looks like so much fun! My kids would love the grab and go snacks and I would love the kid-friendly play area.
  4. Terri Beavers says
    I love Myrtle Beach and have plans to go late summer. There's so much to see and do and your photos are giving me wanderlust. It's going to be hard to wait until we go.
  5. corinne & kirsty says
    I have heard of Myrtle Beach (through TV shows ahah) but the place looks quite nice! Your photos are great! and it looks like there is so much more to see that what the tv show was showing! happy new year!
  6. Jasmine Eclipse says
    Myrtle Beach looks beautiful! I've never been to the Carolinas, but it's on my list for this year!
  7. Ada says
    Sounds like you had an amazing time! Myrtle Beach is certainly on my bucket list of places to go to.
  8. Tiffany says
    Myrtle Beach is nice! I remember going there when I was young and having a great time with my family. This resort looks lovely!
  9. Gemille Sleweon says
    I live in Charlotte, NC and it's sort of a tradition for everyone to go to Mrytle Beach. Would you believe me if I said ive never been before ? Ive made it a goal to do so this year!
  10. Garf says
    Wow, that's really a perfect summer getaway for the whole family. Nice beaches.
  11. Sara says
    Myrtle is so much fun for families! Hubby and I used to love getting away for a week and playing around on the beach!
  12. Cynthia Nicoletti says
    You look like you had a fabulous time at Myrtle Beach. Our family went a few years ago and we had a blast.
  13. LavandaMichelle says
    We set goals together as a family and I love it.It was a tradition from my father. The pictures are amazing I would love to visit.

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