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Are you planning that perfect gift for someone special for Valentine’s Day?  It is never too early to start thinking about what to give.  Are you planning on giving the traditional gift of flowers and chocolate?  As a wife, I LOVE getting flowers and chocolate from my husband, but I am also open to getting some more unique gifts.

There are really alot of fun gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that you can consider.  Of course you can head out of town for that romantic getaway or can purchase that piece of jewelry she has been eyeing. Those do make good gifts, but what a gift that keeps on giving.  Have you considered giving something a little more unique like a subscription box.  Adding a subscription box to what you are already planning would be a great idea!


Okay, I know you may be saying-seriously? Yes, seriously! What about giving a gift that keeps on giving.  Recently I was sent a Fruit for Thought box to check out.   Pamela Burns has created an amazing gift box that focuses on a fruit (sometimes a vegetable) theme.  She has taken the time to select a wide assortment of gifts that truly bring out the best that fruit has to offer.  From treats to fun jewelry,  unwrapping this box is so much fun!


Our package included these adorable custom crayons by Sara.  They were delicately wrapped and fit perfectly in this pint sized fruit basket container.   What fun it is to color with these crayons that look like fruits we love.  Regularly priced $9.99.


Our box included this fun woven fruity colored bracelet by Sea Ranch Jewelry .  What I love about this bracelet is that it is well made and it has a magnetic clip that holds it in place.  This makes it easy to wear!  Regularly priced $13.95


The Sweet Rainbow Carnivale Candyfetti by Sweets Indeed is definitely sweet indeed! It was the perfect little dose of sweetness to help me make it through grading some papers   What is even better…..this Candyfetti blend is Gluten Free, Nut Free and Dairy Free.  Prices vary on this depending on how much you order.


The Tooty Fruity Soap Dish was too cute!  Made by Crafty Fox Resin Design, our little fell in LOVE with this.  He could not wait to play with it.  As you might be able to tell from the picture it almost has like a maze look to it.  Add some candy pieces to it, and it provided for some time of entertainment.  Plus it was the perfect place holder for the fun soap we got in our box.  Regularly priced at $6.45


The Fruit of the Spirit Soap from God’s Garden was a great addition to this box.  I loved the way each fruit was specially added to this handmade glycerin soap. The soap smells great and lathers nicely.  Leaves you with a clean feeling, not filmy or oily.  Regularly priced around $5.00


The added touch of the fruity socks from Pollyanna made this gift box one to remember. Regularly priced at $7.50.


If you are searching for a gift for Valentine’s Day, please check out what Fruit for Thought has to offer.  The theme for February is Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Champagne.  That is the perfect combination for Valentine’s Day.  Pamela Burns has curated a great box and there is still time to order one.  You can get it HERE.

As a part of our vision for 2017 on our blog, consider buying from small business owners like Pam. Read her mission below:

“I was raised being taught that a cucumber slice was a cookie! Since sugar and snacks were not encouraged, my sister and I came to love fruits and vegetables. I have always loved a fresh cold lemonade, the scent of peaches, a yummy frozen drink by the pool, a crunchy salad or juicy fruit salad, the color orange in decor and clothing, and accessorizing my home and jewelry with bright colors.

I have always wanted my own gift basket business. Getting packages in the mail is the highlight of my day. Giving and receiving beautifully wrapped gifts brings me a lot of pleasure. I discovered subscription boxes, which tie together all of my loves, and decided to combine them using the theme of fruits and vegetables so that I can share all of these things with you.

I promise to give you the most beautiful presentation and attention to detail that you have seen in a subscription box, as well as personalized and outstanding customer service and the best combination of quality products I can find.”


Now I do not know about you, but reading her mission makes me want to support her.  When I invest my money in something, I want to know that what I am getting in return is worth it.  Knowing that she personally takes the time to curate these boxes and provide me with excellent customer service is a win-win!  I also appreciate that she is supporting small businesses by working closely with Etsy dealers.  

You can check her out on these social media outlets:




$39.99 monthly + $8.00 shipping
Mini – $26.99 monthly
Ships internationally and price is determined by location





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  1. Julie Porter says
    I already loved her subscription box and then I read her mission statement! This is a small business I would absolutely love to support. What a fun and unique box and you can see the love she puts into curating these items.
  2. momknowsbest15 says
    I just love those cherry socks. This is such a fun box to give for a gift.
  3. Sarah Bailey says
    I will be giving my mom a Fruit of the Spirit Soap from God’s Garden on Valentines. What a nice idea for your loved ones.
  4. Karlyn Cruz says
    This is pretty amazing idea! I've never tried it and I'm sure that my will love this idea.
  5. Elizabeth O. says
    These gifts aren't only unique, they're adorable too. I'm sure anyone who gets these for Valentine's Day will be happy!
  6. Ronnie says
    Yep Valentine's Day is coming guys. Don't wait til the last minute
  7. Amber says
    These are great gifts! I'd be happy with the candy. I'll have to check out that website. It looks like they have tons of great stuff.
  8. nlampert says
    This is such a great gift idea! I love subscription boxes and I love fruits and vegetables so this is perfect!
  9. emmaeatsandexplores says
    I love gift boxes - this is exactly what Id like to receive for Valentine's Day. Maybe I should start dropping hints to my bf now - not sure he'd pick up on them though!
  10. Azlin Bloor says
    I think the gifts are just adorable, not just for Valentine's! I love the bracelet!
  11. homemadeforelle says
    Those are fun ideas! My daughter would be all over that candyfetti and crayons. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Cynthia Nicoletti says
    I like all the pretty and colorful gifts you picked for Valentine's Day. I especially like the chocolate covered cherries and champagne.
  13. Hrakaridi says
    i love the soap !! All these gifts are so cute and pretty :-)
  14. Terri Ramsey Beavers says
    I love getting and giving unique gifts for every occasion. I'm going to have to check out the Fruit of the Spirit Soap from God’s Garden.
  15. katrinagehman says
    Those are some awesome gift ideas! will be passing along to my friends as well.
  16. cgmjemus says
    What a unique and fabulous idea. So Fresh and new I can not wait to try this.
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