Two Maids & A Mop – The Benefits of Using a Professional Maid Service

Summer has officially come to an end, and Autumn is here.  Although the weather may be telling us it is another season, there are subtle signs that say otherwise.  Homework and extra-curricular activities are just a few reminders that the lazy days of summer are gone, and I am left wondering how am I going to balance everything on my plate.  It’s time to consider a professional maid service!

As a mother and teacher, one of my biggest challenges is trying to balance everything that my family is involved in.  From spending time helping the kids complete homework assignments and projects, to being the team mom in charge of snacks at games and practices, I find that I struggle even more to keep up with those simple housekeeping chores such as washing the dishes, vacuuming and dusting.

Of course, I can request that my family members help me around the house, but I find more often than not I am going back over it and redoing it the “right” way.   I am left feeling inadequate.  I just can’t seem to take care of the things that I need to around my home.  So, I let it all go until Saturday!  Saturday mornings are all about cleaning around our home, that is until I discovered the benefit of hiring a professional maid.

Reasons to Hire a Maid Service

Now I know what you may be thinking, “That is something that only the upper-class people do.”   I’m here to tell you, that is not necessarily true.  There are actually several reasons why a mom should consider maid services.
1. It allows you more time to focus on your family.
2. It alleviates some stress from your life.
3. It helps you maintain a clutter-free environment.
4. It allows moms and dads a chance to have some “me” time.

Have I convinced you to hire a maid service yet? Thanks to the Internet, there are several professional companies out there to choose from.  Our professional maid service choice is Two Maids & A Mop.

Two Maids & A Mop

Two Maids & A Mop provide residential cleaning services to homeowners throughout the United States. Their professionally trained team of maids have undergone extensive criminal background checks. They are licensed, bonded and insured so you can rest easy knowing that who is coming in your home has been thoroughly screened.
Featured in Better Homes & Gardens, CNN Money, Yahoo News, and Inc., Two Maids & A Mop are focused on providing a high level of customer satisfaction.  Customer feedback is what drives their employees to provide one of the highest levels of standard around because their performance impacts their pay.  The happier the customers are, the more money the Professional House Cleaners can make.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me happy!  They are not just earning minimum wage and providing you with minimal service, they’re motivated in providing the customer with a level of service that can’t be beat!

Two Maids & A Mop Services

Whether you are looking for a one-time clean or something more regular, Two Maids & A Mop offer cleaning packages that are designed to meet the needs of their customers using environmentally friendly products that make your home safer for your family.

One Time Clean Packages include:

Design With Time Cleaning Package

Perhaps you just need help from time to time.  The “Design With Time” package is perfect for those that need someone to come take care of some areas that may just need a little more attention than you are able to give.  It is also one of their most affordable options. With this package, you work directly with them to set up a block of time to take care of the needs you have.

Top to Bottom Deep Cleaning Package

The Top to Bottom Deep Cleaning package is perfect for someone that needs extensive cleaning.   With this package, the professionals do so much more than just focusing on cleaning your home from top to bottom, they focus on the details.  It’s the package that leaves you feeling like you just prepared for a home for a “showing.”  Every little detail has been addressed, even those that you might not even think of.

Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning Package

The Empty Home Move In/Out Cleaning package provides a comprehensive cleaning for those moving in or out of a home, apartment, or condo.

Our Experience with Two Maids & A Mop

Just like many of our readers, we have a busy lifestyle.  It seems we are pulled in so many directions day after day that our home tends to be neglected.  With the school year starting back up, we knew it was just going to get worse.  We needed someone to come out and help us get back to a place that we can manage.  The Design With Time Cleaning package was our solution.

We began by consulting with Brandi, the owner of our local Two Maids & A Mop, about what our needs were in order of importance. Once we had that set, Brandi hand-selected the professionals she felt would provide us with excellent service.

On the day of our cleaning, we were met with smiling faces that set off to tackle our housekeeping needs.  They began in the kitchen, thoroughly wiping down all surfaces, mopping and even cleaning the oven (something I have been needing to do for a long time).    They even hand-washed our dishes that were in the sink!
Then they worked their way to the bathroom.  From the tubs to toilets and everything in between, the bathroom was sparkling clean. I can’t even remember the last time those bathrooms had been scrubbed down like that!
Next on the list to be freshened up was the bedrooms.  They dusted every nook and cranny in the room and made up the beds.  Their attention to detail was noted when they even wiped down the pictures frames we had displayed throughout the room of our family.

They wrapped up their visit by attending to our living room; the one room where all the toys seem to pile up! Not only did they pick up and put away the children’s toys, but they also removed all those pesky little fingerprints that seem to appear on everything such as the French doors, tv, doorknobs, and windows.

They were on time, professional, focused, and on-task during their visit.   They addressed all the concerns Brandi and I discussed.  We were left feeling like we were staying in some kind of upscale hotel room!

So, are you in need of some “me” time, or have to get your home ready for the holidays that will be here before we know it? Leave it to the cleaning professionals at Two Maids & A Mop.  You can rest easy knowing that after they’ve worked their magic, your home is going to be spotless and smelling clean!  Everything from sweeping and mopping all of the floors to deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, Two Maids & A Mop is something worth investing in.  You deserve it!

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