Toys“R”Us Adventure

For many, it’s all about the Insta!  I have to admit from time to time it is about the Insta for me too.  However, what I am loving about these Instagram worthy pop-ups is how you can be completely immersed into something.  In recent months Atlanta has been home to some unique pop up experiences such as Candytopia and Nick Slime City. And now one is coming that is going to be even more amazing than the other two, the Toys”R”Us Adventure!

Toys R Us is back thanks to Toys R Us’ parent company, Tru Kids.  They are partnering with Candytopia to debut a new immersive pop-up experience that lets people “Be a Toys R Us” kid again or experience what it is like for the first time.  As a little girl of the 80s and 90s, Toys R Us was the place to go!  It was truly a kid being in a candy store.

Toys”R”Us Adventure Atlanta

Called  “Toys”R”Us Adventure” the immersive pop-up features more than a dozen interactive playrooms, larger-than-life toys, and installations featuring the iconic giraffe, Geoffrey.


About Toys”R”Us Adventure

Toys“R”Us Adventure is the perfect immersive, fill-up-your-photo-album super-experience for the little ones all the way up to the older kids that still want to be kids.  This vast indoor wonderland that celebrates all the whimsy, silly and FUN of toys and play! We had a blast escaping to a land where imaginations run free, toys are larger than life and even the adultiest adults (me) can unleash their inner child.


Everything in the Toys“R”Us Adventure brings to life the joys of childhood! We had fun exploring over eight mind-blowing rooms and celebrating play with brands we grew up with and love.  At Toys”R”Us Adventure you can zoom into adventure, trek through a Schleich safari, show off your medieval moves in the disco castle, test your house-building skills in a huffy-puffy fairytale come to life and SO much more! It was the best place for a whole lotta fun, play, dancin’, jumpin’, zippin’ and selfie-snappin’ action.

Ready to Experience the Toys”R”Us Adventure?

Got little ones? Bring ’em! Grandma? She’ll love it! Moody teens? Tell ’em to charge their phones. Family, friends and kids of all ages are gonna have loads of fun interacting and taking pics with classic toys, new toys and all things play! C’mon, there’s SO much fun to have!



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