Top Houseplants for Healthy Homes

Even if the brisk temperatures are causing you to think Spring will never get here, think again!  Right now is the ideal time of year for gardeners to play in the dirt indoors and reap bountiful benefits!

Studies have shown that many houseplants noticeably reduce toxics by filtering the air in homes, offices and other indoor spaces, making them a beautiful and practical way to freshen and cleanse! It also creates a sense of well-being, improves moods, reduces stress, enhances creative thinking and concentration and increases humidity. And who better to gain more insight than with our favorite garden professionals at Pike Nurseries!  They have a handful of beneficial botanicals to ensure a happy, healthy new year!

Peace Lilies

Top Houseplants for Healthy Homes

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies can tolerate low to medium light, but in order to produce its renowned flower, this popular plant likes bright, indirect light. This houseplant prefers consistent moisture, but not standing water. By looking at the leaves, gardeners can quickly learn the amount of moisture it desires: drooping leaves often indicate a need for water, while brown leaf tips point to too much inconsistent watering. The experts at Pike Nurseries suggest utilizing a good potting soil like Pike Potting and Container Soil and fertilizing lightly – such as every other month –with a balanced houseplant fertilizer like Bonide Liquid Plant Food.


These tree-like plants are a familiar sight in many homes and can grow up to six to ten feet tall, calling for simple, regular pruning. Like peace lilies, Dracaena plants prefer moist, well-drained soil that is never soggy, and they indicate over-watering through drooping or yellowing leaves. This plant thrives in brightly filtered light and occasional fertilizing – the pros recommend every two weeks in spring and summer, once a month in fall and never in winter.

Mother in Law’s Tongue “Snake Plant”

Although this plant grows best in bright light, it can actually survive with very little light and water – making it an ideal houseplant for beginner gardeners! The experts at Pike Nurseries recommend watering Mother in Law’s Tongue generously monthly or whenever the soil becomes dry to the touch.


Fleshy leaves and thick stems allow succulents to hoard water to survive in dry, indoor areas, making them a low-maintenance, popular houseplant choice. While these plants don’t require a lot of water or attention, they do need lots of light and should be kept in bright light to ensure that they thrive. Additionally, most succulents cannot tolerate cold weather in the Southeast region – while the plants can be placed outside during summer, they should be kept indoors late fall to early spring when there is chance of frost.


Ficus plants include a variety of homeowner favorites, including Fiddle Leaf Figs, Weeping Figs and Rubber Figs. All three of these varieties require bright, indirect light, humidity and consistent watering – but not enough so that standing water is left in the pot. Green thumbs should also fertilize regularly during the growing season for best results!


For those looking for a simple indoor project to help breathe cleaner air, the experts recommend creating an air-purifying container garden. With a specific arrangement of plants and some easy care tips, these gardens are both beautiful and practical to freshen any and every home! For more tips and tricks, visit

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