The Pump and Dump Show: Parentally Incorrect Tour

Atlanta Moms!  Are you a new mom desperately seeking a connection with other human adults in the same boat as you? Is it time to plan your first night out after having a baby? Do you and your mom friends need a good reason to go out? Treat yourself and your #BANDOFMOTHERS to the original moms’ night out filled with hilarious, original music, straight-talk about the IRL  joys of parenting, interactive games, and most importantly, a much-earned dose of cathartic validation and reminder that YOU’RE AN AWESOME MOM.  You can even wear leggings if you want.

The Pump and Dump Show

The Pump & Dump Show : Parentally Incorrect Tour featuring Comedians Shayna Ferm and Tracey Tee are back and bolder than ever with a new show encouraging moms everywhere to put themselves first for a change and laugh, commiserate and celebrate the hilarious and (sometimes) horrific things that bond us in motherhood.

The 2019 tour celebrates Shayna and Tracey’s new book, Parentally Incorrect: True Tales by Real Moms About the F**ked Up Things Their Kids Have Done, inspired by one of the show’s most popular bits. Real audience moms are asked to share their own “most f**ked up” stories from raising tiny humans. Shayna and Tracey share some of the funniest (and unbelievable)  stories live on stage in a truly authentic, hysterical fan-favorite segment. As seen on NBC “TODAY”, PEOPLE, Buzzfeed Parents and more, Parentally Incorrect is the perfect book to stash in your closet and enjoy while you are hiding from your kids.

So it’s time to book the babysitter, grab your fellow moms, and buckle-up for an unforgettable, laugh out loud, pee your pants a little, moms’ night out!

Pump and Dump Show

“The Pump and Dump Show” is an evening of comedy, music, prizes, games, a little swearing, and commiseration, designed for parents to laugh away a kid-filled day while throwing a few back and remembering who we all were before we had children.  It’s rough out there in the Momosphere – you’ve earned a night out, for once!

Just look at what others are saying about their show:

“The Pump and Dump Show is basically the best thing you can do for yourself as a mom. It’s therapy and wine and laughs and a lifeline all rolled into one.”

“Saw your show last night and I have to say it changed my life. You moms are amazing and the deeper message your share is bigger than amazing. Thank you so much!”

“A much needed night out with my girls and a much-needed reminder that solidarity is key to surviving motherhood. You are hilarious!”

“A mom from the audience got up and said it’s been a year and a half since she had a night out. That’s when I fell in love with The Pump and Dump girls who gave that mom a reason to get out and laugh her face off because we all need that. I loved that they were using humor to bring so many women together… They are legit.”


Pump and Dump Show

Giveaway NEWS

We are excited to be teaming up with The Pump and Dump Show to offer one of our readers two tickets to see the show.  Just head over to our Instagram account to enter!  Giveaway ends February 17.


Need more of the The Pump and Dump Show? The NEW The Pump and Dump Podcast is available now on your favorite platform! On the podcast, Tracey and Shayna explore what it’s like to be a woman who is also a mom.  They talk with experts, real moms in the wild, and special humans in their lives to break down the issues that keep them up at night.  All part of their mission to validate and celebrate the awesome moms of the world!








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