The Life We Never Expected


Life seems to have a mind of its own.  As a child, I remember having my idea of what I wanted in life.  I had envisioned myself having this and that and living in this particular place.  It is funny how we  dream like that.  When we get older though we realize that life is not as easy as just dreaming as a child.  I am married and have a beautiful fmaily, but life has never always been easy as I had pictured it to be.  We have had our fair share of problems, but at least we are all healthy.  I do have a son with ADHD and anxiety, and that has been challenging to say the least.  There have been many days where I wondered to myself if I am doing this parenting thing right.

Recently I read the book The Life We Never Expected.  I could not help think about my life and how I take it granted.  You see, The Life We Never Expected is a story  told by Andrew and Rachel Wilson about their life raising two children with autism.  They help readers to see that through their lives which at time can be filled with heartache, their support in found in our beautiful Heavenly Father.  He is the one that guides you through this thing we call life.  He is the one that helps you navigate through the waters esp through the storms crashing waves.

As a teacher, I have taught students with special needs.  I know how hard it is for parents as I have had countless conferences where the tears fall freely.  I hear their frustration. While I may not live it day to day as they do, I do feel for them.  As a teacher o f special education students,  there are days that can be hard.  However, not all days are.  But in those moments when the child is having a hard day coping and adjusting to whatever it is we are doing in the classroom, I look to the ultimate Healer.  I look to Him to help me connect with them.  I look to Him to give me the patience and the wisdom to do what is best.


Are you living the life you expected? I am guessing the answer is probably no.  As you go through this life grappling with hard and painful circumstances that have turned your world upside down, check out  Andrew and Rachel Wilson’s refreshingly honest book that explores the highs and lows of raising children with specials needs.   This book will get you reflecting on the broader question of how to cope with suffering of all kinds.  Through the sharing personal stories from the Wilson’s lives, you will find encouragement rooted in the truth of God’s Word,  Andrew and Rachel highlight lessons they’ve learned related to fighting for joy and thriving in the midst of trials—ultimately pointing readers to Christ, the One who promises to make all things new.

You can purchase the book here on Amazon.


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    Makes ya think don't it

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