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The holiday break is approaching fast, and you may be finding yourself thinking about what gift you could get your child’s teacher.  As a teacher,  I have received many great gifts from students and if the truth be told, I could not really say there is one better than another.  What is honestly more important is the thought that comes behind the gift.  Of course, I love the gift cards and items from my wish list, but just being thought of is so much more meaningful to me than anything else.  But if you are looking for teacher gift ideas, I have rounded up some of my favorites over the years.


Gift Cards

Find you what kinds of eateries and shopping destinations your child’s teacher likes.  One gift card I enjoy getting each year is one to a local office supply shop like Staples, Office Depot, etc…

Water Bottles

Teachers love to have a drink handy at all times.  Many of us are trying to increase our water intake.  Giving your child’s teacher a great water bottle is always appreciated.  Think about Yeti style cups or Tervis tumblers.  Trust me when I say we want something that keeps our drinks cold throughout the day.

Donor’s Choose

Ask them if they have something on Donor’s Choose that they are trying to get funded.  This is a great way to help your child and make the teacher happy.  If they are not on there, ask them if there is something that you can fund in their class.   Maybe they need a set of books or a new tablet.  Perhaps they will need someone to cover a special recognition party for the students.   There are many ways that you can help a teacher in and with her classroom.

Themed Baskets or Gifts

Think about the holidays that are approaching or the time of the year you are gifting.  Prepare a themed basket for them.  If it is Christmas time, add a bunch of Christmas type things in a basket for them to enjoy over the break.  If it is the end of the year, give them a beach or summer fun themed basket.  You can even do those neat ideas that all over Pinterest that capture a teacher’s heart.  I have gotten sweet little notes or poems attached to something bigger like a Redbox or Netflix gift card.  Those types of gifts always melt my heart.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Ask them if they use Teachers Pay Teachers.  This is a great way to help your child and make the teacher happy.  If they use Teachers Pay Teachers, ask them if they have set up a TPT ClassFund.  THis ClassFund allows you to donate money to their TPT account so they can purchase teachers created materials to support the curriculum.  If they have not created a TPT ClassFund, you could buy them a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers.


Personalized Items

Some of my favorite pieces are things that students have had personalized with my initials.  From bags to shirts, personalized gifts are always a great idea.  I even had one of my students give me a personalized spoon one year.  Although I do not use it, that spoon is actually one of my favorite gifts.  The meaning and thought behind it is something I will treasure.

Of course, there will be teachers that just seem to have everything.  Ask them if they have a favorite charity that you can donate to in their name.  Whether it is a gift just made with love or an elaborate gift, the important thing is to just let them know they are being thought of.

Need some additional ideas?  Check out what my fellow bloggers had to say about teacher gifts.  You are sure to find something that fits your budget and teacher.

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Teacher Wish List

My school has a great idea that they do each year, and if your child’s school is not doing it, you may want to encourage them to.  Before school starts each year, teachers are given a sheet of paper where we can fill in our interests.  We list the places we like to shop and eat at to the things we collect.  These forms are collected and given to our room parents.  Room parents then share this with their child’s class. This way parents know what a teacher really prefers.  With so many allergies and special diets, it is a good idea to know their likes are so you know what to get them.

No matter what you want to gift them, chances are great that they will love it.  It is the thought that counts.

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  1. cgmjemus says
    Honor your child's teacher with something special. Using the suggestions from above, you could not go wrong.
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  3. Ronnie says
    Thanks for the tips. We never know what to get.
  4. Ronnie says
    Please treat your children's teachers to a nice gift for xmas
  5. Natalie says
    My mom is a teacher and she likes to get gift cards from her students.
  6. monique s says
    what a thoughtful idea for someone so important to our childrens growth

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