Tasty & Balanced Nutrition with Perfect Fit Meals

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post.  We were provided with samples to facilitate a review.  All opinions presented are 100% mine.

Tasty & Balanced Nutrition with Perfect Fit Meals is possible even when the back to school madness starts!

It’s officially back to school time! I’ve enjoyed seeing all the first day of school photos from family and friends across my social media accounts.  There is nothing quite like the excitement of starting school with brand new supplies and clothes.

The start of a new year also brings a busier schedule for most of us. Getting in that after-school routine which includes homework and many extracurricular activities, such as sports, dance, gymnastics, and more can be a challenge.  Add in dinner to that mix, and our lives are suddenly filled with countless trips through the drive-thru. While that may be convenient, chances are it is not as healthy as it could be.

As parents, providing our families with nutritious meals should be a priority, but finding the time to really craft healthy meals can simply be a challenge when school starts back.  But it doesn’t have to be that way! Imagine if you could buy meals from the grocery store that can be ready in a matter of minutes! CLEAN and SIMPLE meals that are nutritious and actually taste great!!

Enter Perfect Fit Meals-the “Clean, Simple Food for Busy People!”  A pre-prepared meal company based in Houston, Texas, that provides chef-designed meals that go from fridge to fork in about 2 minutes.  Now I know what some of you might be thinking? 2 minutes-yeah right-and if it is really two minutes then I’m probably eating cardboard or something.  But that is not the case with Perfect Fit Meals. They have created something that I just have to say is just pure genius!

Recently we had the chance to check out some of their meals, and I can genuinely tell you that we were VERY impressed!  What I really love the most about Perfect Fit Meals is that they are an easy and convenient way to eat healthy when I don’t feel like cooking, which is, quite honestly, often! The meals are fresh, not frozen, and they have a variety of menus to please the palate.

From the Southern Living Kitchen and for those with a little more heartier appetite, you can chow down on some delicious Southern favorites like:

  • Pecan Crusted Chicken with bourbon glazed sweet potatoes and sweet creamed corn. The chicken was moist and tender and deliciously crunchy on the outside. And the sides made me feel like I was eating a home cooked meal from my grandmother.

The Southern Living line also offers:

  • Homestyle Beef Stew made with beef top blade steak in a delectable chunky mushroom sauce.

  • Smoked Pulled Pork served with Gouda mac n’ cheese.

We also enjoyed the Jamaican Style Jerk Chicken.  As someone that tries to watch the spiciness of things I eat, I was a little worried about the Jamaican spices in this meal.  Would they be too much for me? Not at all! I was really pleased with how the spices were not overpowering. Add in the natural sweetness of the plantains, this was one meal I could definitely eat weekly!

They have even partnered with Cooking Light to bring customers Havana Chicken Breast severed with black beans and rice and Lemon Pepper Chicken served with sweet summer squash and hearty brown rice.

Whether you are looking to feed your family or yourself, Perfect Fit Meals is the pre-packaged meal provider that provides a perfectly balanced and ready to eat meals for those on the go!

As someone that is watching her caloric intake, these meals really do help me stay on track.  Averaging about 350 calories of portion controlled flavor packed goodness, these meals “use low glycemic whole grains, nutrient-dense vegetables, and lean animal protein.  There are no artificial colors or preservatives. Everything used is wholesome, clean ingredients like you can find at home.”  In my opinion, it does not get much better than that!  They essentially provide busy people like me with a balanced meal that is delicious and ready in minutes!

If you didn’t believe it could-it does! Their meals are made with a high-pressure process or HPP.  


HPP or High-Pressure Processing is a food pasteurization technique recognized by the U.S.’s Food and Drug Administration, FDA, and used worldwide including North America, Europe, Asia, and Pacific.

Blaise Pascal first explored High-Pressure Processing, HPP, when he began testing HPP on bacteria in the 1890’s. Bert Hite, a scientist at West Virginia University Agricultural Experimental Station, followed this research. Hite found that HPP could disable harmful microorganisms in foods such as milk, meat, fruits, and vegetables. In the early 1900’s a study by W. P. Larsen demonstrated that HPP regularly killed vegetative bacteria found in foods.

First commercial HPP products were: Fruit preserves in Japan in the mid-1990’s, guacamole in the U.S. by Wholly Guacamole (Formerly Avomex) in 1997 and cooked ham in Spain in 1999.

HPP is cold pasteurization in pure water; it uses ultra-high pressure purified water to keep packaged food pathogen-free and to stay fresh longer. Food is subjected to 87,000 lbs. of pressure per sq. inch, the same amount of pressure as six times the deepest part of the ocean. At this very high-pressure bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella are destroyed. Foods that use HPP include meats, fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy, and seafood.


  • HPP is a “Clean Label”, natural pasteurization technique

  • Offers better taste, texture, and nutrition

  • Delivers shelf-life extension & pathogen elimination


HPP is currently utilized by a wide variety of products including Beverages, meat, dairy, seafood, fruits, and veggies. Now, more and more SKU’s across every category are increasingly using HPP. Emerging HPP categories include refrigerated soups, baby food, pet foods, new functional beverage alternatives and ready meals.


HPP food products market value: $12 billion now and will double within six years

  • Growth Drivers:

1. More consumers and food companies both want “clean label” and convenience.

2. HPP offers better taste, texture, and nutrition than traditional high-heat pasteurization.


  • HPP is now more available through HPP service providers, which means start-up companies can use HPP technology without the financial investment in an HPP machine.

  • Recently, HPP machines have nearly doubled in capacity and the increased throughput helps make HPP more accessible financially.


  • HPP delivers an extended shelf life and pathogen elimination.

  • HPP preserves food products by inhibiting microbial growth.

  • HPP process inactivates bacteria such as Listeria, E. coli and Salmonella.

  • HPP products need high water content, be acidic & have a cold chain of distribution.


  • The new HPP Consumer Seal, called the “High Pressure Certified Seal” similar to the “Organic Seal” in which a third-party organization will verify the food has been HPP’d and the seal will be featured on the outside of the consumer packaging. The “High-Pressure Certified Seal” has already appeared on juice products in early 2018.


  • The new HPP council, known as the Cold Pressure Council launched in April 2017. The goals for the Cold Pressure Council are developing best practices for the HPP industry and the new Cold Pressure Consumer Seal.

The Cold Pressure Council consists of nine founding members including the following HPP leaders and food companies: JBT/Avure Technologies, Hyperbaric, American Pasteurization Company, Universal Pasteurization, Suja, Campbell’s, Evolution Fresh, West Liberty Foods and Good Foods Group.

About Avure /JBT Technologies Avure enables producers to implement High-Pressure Processing, HPP, with the fastest, most reliable equipment. From installation and maintenance of equipment systems to recipe and package development, Avure helps producers increase food safety and extend shelf life while providing consumers with nutritious, natural, flavorful food. Avure equipment is used to treat the majority of all HPP-protected food around the world. More information is available at www.avure-hpp-foods.com.

We are happy to giveaway 8 Fresh Fit Meals to one of our readers!  Taste for yourself the difference.  You will quickly understand why this will be one meal provider that I will be buying from!  Tasty & Balanced Nutrition with Perfect Fit Meals is possible even when the back to school madness starts!

Giveaway ends September 5.

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