Casa de Suenos: Charming St. Augustine Bed & Breakfast


Tucked away in the heart of the ancient city is a charming Spanish designed bed and breakfast known as Casa de Suenos or “House of Dreams.” My husband and I were recently given the opportunity to stay the night in this beautiful, well over a century old, bed and breakfast. Rich in history, which you can read here, this bed and breakfast provides guests with the much-needed escape from the craziness and busyness of life. It is the perfect atmosphere for a romantic getaway, and a place where you can relax, unwind and unplug from the world we know and get to know one another again.

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine

Casa de Suenos

Upon entering through the front doors, you immediately step into the tastefully decorated foyer and sitting area. With gorgeous hardwood floors and an inviting theme, this is the perfect place to sit for a spell and read a book. All the comforts of home ready for you… should you need them. They even offer guests books that are free to enjoy during a stay and believe me, there are plenty of places where you can escape into a good book for hours.

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine


Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine

Casa de Suenos Bedrooms

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast features seven bedrooms with private baths.  We had the pleasure of staying in the Cordova Room that has its own private balcony overlooking the street it is named for.  It was a room that quietly whispered to us as we entered through the doors…”Relax and stay for a spell.”  The overall room ambiance was felt from the minute we entered through the door. The room itself was quite spacious, and our wrought iron queen bed was heavenly.

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine

The bathroom was separated into two rooms which, honestly, was a pleasant surprise.  Both of these are accessible in your private room.  We fell in love with the French door garden tub area. The jetted garden tub was big enough for two people and opened up to the balcony through another set of lovely French doors. 

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine

We enjoyed having a private balcony that overlooked Cordova Street.  Even though this bed and breakfast are located in the heart of the historical ancient city of St. Augustine, it is in a perfect location that still gives you that secluded feeling.   You will not be interrupted or left feeling as if the touristy city interferes with your escape.  

Casa de Suenos Food

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine


Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine


Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine


Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine

What are bed and breakfasts known for? Breakfast! The Casa de Suenos breakfasts are tasty and satisfying. Each day features a different menu, and there is always more than enough food to enjoy. For the two days we were there,  we enjoyed fresh fruits, fluffy scrambled eggs,  gooey warm cinnamon rolls and mouth-watering blueberry French toast. We seriously had more than enough delicious food each morning to start off our day in the ancient city. There is also a variety of coffees and juices available for guests to choose from as well.

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine


Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. Augustine


Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast St. AugustineNot only do they provide a delightful breakfast each morning, but they provide food and drinks throughout the day for their guests.   Imagine having access all day to refreshing soft drinks and coffee. The refrigerator for guests is stocked with a variety of well-known and great tasting beverages.  Social hour was one of our favorite times at the inn. We enjoyed having a special time set aside to get together with those staying with us. It was also a time to connect with the innkeepers and get to know them too.  They took an interest in guests staying at the inn and truly wanted to make sure that our needs were met. The innkeeper even provided a book for me to read about ghosts in St. Augustine. The food that they prepared during our social hour was delicious, and the presentation of the food and beverages were pleasing to the eye.  One evening the drinks were presented in a wooden boat.  How clever!  Each evening at the Casa de Suenos guests are treated to a signature dessert which is delivered to your room.  During our stay, we enjoyed Scottish Oatmeal Bars and Cookies and Creme Cheesecake.

Casa d
The innkeepers were knowledgeable and personable, but also gave their guests the right amount of interaction. I noticed that one of the innkeepers took the time to call a boating attraction for another couple to find out if the tour would be canceled due to the weather.   She was extremely friendly and honestly took delight in helping guests staying at the inn. It was like being at a friend’s house that truly wants you to enjoy yourself so they give you the space you need.

Casa de Suenos bed & Breakfast St. Augustine

Casa de Suenos Amenities

What makes this bed and breakfast stand apart from the rest are the amenities that it offered to guests.  Casa de Suenos provides nearly EVERYTHING you would want or need to make your getaway memorable.  I do not know about you but there have been times that we have gone away and our lodging has been nothing more than our sleeping quarters.  We had to get in our cars and drive everywhere and pay for food and beverages.  Not only does Casa de Suenos offer delectable food and refreshing drinks, but also they provide the amenities and services needed for enjoyment and comfort.

St. Augustine Beach

Casa de Suenos Beach Cottage

Want to go to the beach? Of course, you do!  You are in Florida!  When people are looking for lodging arrangements in a beach area, most of them desire to find a place directly on the beach so you can relax and not have to worry about parking.  What is unique about Casa de Suenos is that it also has a place on the beach that is accessible to ALL their guests.  The Beach Cottage supplies everything you need to enjoy a day on the beach from the chairs, towels, beach toys, and bottled water to the showers and bathrooms.  All you would need to bring is some food and extra drinks, and I am sure the innkeepers would help arrange all that for you.  Located in a secluded area that has little traffic, you can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and maybe even catch a glimpse of a sea turtle.  When we went we actually saw a sea turtle nest bed!

Casa de Suenos Bed & Breakfast

The Casa de Suenos sits in a location that allows for easy access to nearly every tourist attraction you could want to visit.  When I say easy access I do not mean get in your car and fight traffic for a few minutes either.  You can literally put on your walking shoes and set out from their front door.  So much of want you would want to see and do in the ancient city of St. Augustine is truly within walking distance of Casa de Suenos.    Not in the mood to walk or fight traffic?  The Inn provides bicycles for guests to enjoy a day bicycling through the town.  Even if it is raining, they have got you covered with umbrellas and ponchos.  This B&B REALLY thinks of everything! Parking is easy.  They have their own private lot and a few extra places right across the street.  

Casa de Suenos Bed 7 Breakfast St. Augustine
Want to go for a dip in the pool?  Just ride your bike down the street to their sister inn, The St. Francis Inn, to enjoy a swim.  Nestled in a private hideaway, is the perfect place to escape the heat.  The temperature of the pool will be just right year round as it is set to around 80 degrees. 

St Augustine Lighthouse

Do you love lighthouses?   Guests of the Casa de Suenos Bed and Breakfast are given complimentary tickets to see this beauty in person.  Are you ready to climb the 219 steps to the top? Towering 165 feet above sea level, St. Augustine’s Lighthouse was built in 1864. You are going to love the view! 


Casa du Suenos Bed & Breakfast is a destination that you need to experience. The charm is also due to their fabulous innkeepers, making it a place you will want to visit over and over.  It is truly like visiting family.   They are genuine and make you feel at home.  Like a family would, they want to make sure that they provide you with the absolute BEST. That includes helping to direct you to the BEST places to eat locally or telling you the BEST places to explore in the area.  They want to make this a memorable visit for you!  So if you are looking to plan an unforgettable anniversary for your significant other or just want to get away for the weekend, head to the B&B that promises personal service and pampering.   I know my husband and I plan to get back there soon to experience the charm that we now know and to reminiscence with what feels like old friends.

Disclaimer:  We were provided with two nights at this bed and breakfast to facilitate a review.  All opinions presented are 100% mine and were not influenced by Casa de Suenos.


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  1. tamaralikecamera says
    Wow. The jetted garden tub is the stuff of dreams, and the food looks perfectly lovely. My in-laws get a house in St. Augustine every winter (and sometimes spring) and so I never usually look for lodging there for that reason. That said, no reason not to drop the kids off with them and enjoy some luxury!
  2. Sage @ Sage & Simple says
    Casa de Suenos looks like a lovely place to stay. I was hoping this would be a St. Augustine on my side of the Pond, but alas, it's in Florida. The breakfast sounds delicious and that ghost book sounds right up my alley!
  3. Heidi Spears Gray says
    The Casa de Suenos looks somewhat similar to a couple of bed and breakfasts we have around here. I love the pictures of the decor. We've never taken the opportunity to stay at a local bed and breakfast, but we would like to some day! They all have their own little flair and flavor, and your pictures capture that!
  4. Censie Sawyer says
    Well I need this in my life right now. How amazing would it be to stay here?!? Wow I woudl love to visit this B&B. We enjoy staying at B&Bs here in Colorado. There are some great ones here.
  5. Tina Butler says
    Casa de Suenos is beautiful and so fun that everything is so accessible. How fun to bike around and see all the sites. I went o Victoria Canada back in the 80's and we rented mopeds and travels around everywhere. It was the best trip of my life. You food photos are so yummy. I definitely would be eating a lot on a trip like that.
  6. notjustpaperandpaint says
    We loved St. Augustine and would love to visit the B & B - looks like my kind of place.
  7. Tami (@ThisMomsDelight) says
    There are so many reasons for me to plan my next vacation at this beautiful and charming B&B. Hubby will especially enjoy the food that is offered throughout the day. (Okay, me too!)
  8. alisonrost says
    Casa de Suenos looks like such a wonderful bed and breakfast! My husband and I have been the Casa de Seunos, so it was fun to see your photos. We too biked all around, ate incredible food, and hung out on the beach. The next time we go, you can bet we'll be making a reservation at this charming little spot! x
  9. adriana says
    The water and the lighthouse look gorgeous!! I love bed and breakfasts, they can be so relaxing. I love your review on this gorgeous place - St Augustine is one of those super underrated destinations that is just gorgeous!
  10. Bites for Foodies says
    What a lovely place! My husband and I are both not super fond of extravagant hotels. We've always preferred saying in B&B's. Their just so much more quaint and relaxing, not pretentious like some hotels. It makes me feel more in tune with the culture of the place I am visiting.
  11. Crystal Lopez says
    This looks breathtaking and lovely! My husband and I stayed at a B&B once about 9 years ago. We had such an amazing time. It was so good for us to be able to connect for 2 days without interruptions and chaos that many children can bring. It's time for another B&B getaway. You've inspired me!
  12. cgmjemus says
    Whats not to LOVE here. The city has so much to offer and when you stay here ....well you are in the heart of it. Yes ma'am another item that is going to the bucket list and this one may just make it to the top right away without having to rise through it. Thanks
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