Splashtacular Family Fun and Water-Filled Thrills Await Guests Inside Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange

It’s almost time Georgia for the Grand Opening of Great Wolf Lodge LaGrange!  We can hardly wait for this to arrive that it is hard to contain our excitement.  Families visiting Great Wolf Lodge Georgia will have a howling good time at the nearly 100,000 square-foot indoor water park, filled with body slides, tube slides, raft rides, activity pools and splash areas designed to delight every age range and thrill level.  Families visiting the water park at Great Wolf Lodge Georgia will discover cozy 84-degree temperatures year-round and a dozen different slides, including two new concept slides making their North American debut – Rapid Racer and Triple Thunder.



Triple Thunder: This group raft ride combines two of most thrilling water park attractions available into one pulse-pounding slide.  The ride starts by plummeting guests down a steep drop and into a funnel, where they will experience sensations of weightlessness as the raft sloshes up-and-down the funnel walls.  Upon exiting the funnel, the raft swooshes towards two saucers.  The saucers provide additional excitement as guests hurl at maximum speeds along the bank of the saucer, swirl 180-degrees and exit through a narrow passageway – all in the dark.  A few extra twist and turns await after the saucers before riders finally plunge into a catch pool at the bottom of the slide.apid Racer:  This two-person tube racing slide features plenty of thrills with drops, chutes and serpentine curves.   As riders emerge from the exhilarating 180-degree and 360-degree banked curves, they enter a section with open racing lanes where they can see and hear their competition on the other side of a low separator wall.   The slide features three rally points where guests can see their competition as both careen down this incredibly fun water attraction.


The water park also features a number of favorite water park attractions from other Great Wolf Lodges, including:


Fort Mackenzie: Multi-level tree house water fort that combines suspension bridges, treetop slides, swinging cargo nets and spray stations. The park’s signature tipping bucket dumps one thousand gallons of water every four minutes.

Totem Towers: Two three-story body slides

Wolf Tail: Step into the launch pod and prepare as the floor drops out from underneath guest’s feet, hurling them into a nearly vertical, 20-foot free fall, followed immediately by a 360-degree, high-speed loop

Otter Run: A family-friendly body slide and a sure-fire favorite, Otter Run is perfectly sized for small and tall alike!

 Slap Tail Pond: Gigantic wave pool complete with waves reaching up to three feet in height as they roll through every five minutes.

Chinook Cove: Water playground for children of all ages featuring basketball and floating obstacles.



Big Foot Pass: Unique water obstacle challenges kids and adults alike to balance on floating logs and lily pads and hold on to hanging nets as they try to get across the pool.

Crooked Creek: Winding lazy river.

Cub Paw Pool: Zero-depth entry children’s pool with water fountain features, kiddie slides and spray-and-play adventures.

Whooping Hollow: This play pool is filled with perfectly sized water slides for young pups. Gentle slopes and tiny dips and turns make these the go-to attractions for the “under 52 inches” set.

The resort will also feature a massive outdoor resort pool with additional water attractions for families to enjoy together.  Great Wolf Lodge Georgia will debut with an exclusive, adult-only oasis adjacent to the outdoor pool, complete with relaxing chaise lounge chairs and a private hot tub for parents to enjoy.

An overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge Georgia includes two days of play at the expansive indoor water park, along with numerous fun-filled activities families can enjoy together.  Standard rates start at $199.99 per night.

You can book reservations online by visiting greatwolf.com or by calling 1-888-960-WOLF (9653)

Great Wolf Lodge Georgia will be located at 150 Tom Hall Parkway in LaGrange, GA. For more information on Great Wolf Resorts and its brands of indoor water park resorts, visit greatwolf.com.

  1. LaKisha Riddick says
    I'm excited about Great Wolf Lodge moving to GA! I can't wait to take my family. It will be a great vacation where everyone can have fun.
  2. Tara Pittman says
    They need to make one of these closer to me. I would love playing in the water and the slides.
  3. Mommy B says
    What fun! This is great activity esp my kids are on vacation. Also, nice to know that this is indoor, the sun is too much for our skin nowadays.
  4. Marcie says
    This looks absolutely amazing! We have one about 2 hours from our house and we keep thinking about doing a getaway there. This post makes me want to bite the bullet and just do it!
  5. Gingermommy says
    WOW! It looks like you had a really great time. I have heard some things about visiting great wolf!
  6. Carrie says
    I wish this was closer to me, it would be so much fun. Sounds like you had such a great time!
  7. Nina says
    I have a Great Wolf Lodge in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. It always looked like a perfect place for families. I like how many indoor slides this one has!
  8. Christina says
    We have one of these in the Dallas area. It is SO much fun!
  9. Reesa Lewandowski says
    We went to Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, PA a few years ago. My kids still talk about it and wish we could go back!
  10. Ada says
    This looks like such a fun time for kids! I have always heard rave reviews about Great Wolf.
  11. Farrah Less says
    Seeing this kind of water-park makes me want to be a kid again. We have the same kind here and every year its always packed with kids.
  12. Oyinkan Ogunleye says
    I need to go to a water park this year! I can't wait and this got me excited for it.

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