Sparking Joy with Maria Kondo

Have you heard of Maria Kondo?  Maybe you have seen some posts on social media featuring mountains of clothing piled on top of beds.  Your friends throwing out furniture, kitchen utensils, books, and more. Perhaps you’ve seen the memes about books being thrown out like the bathwater. That is what happened to me.  I noticed some of my friends remarking how joyful they were that they were “tidying up” their homes by following Maria Kondo.  My thought….Who is Maria Kondo and just how is she sparking joy with my friends. 

Organizing with Maria Kondo

Maria Kondo is the author of two bestselling books – The Magical Art of Tidying Up and Spark.  In her books, she talks about how her method of tidying up your home helps to spark joy in your life.   KonMari, the method she uses, has become something that is taking people by storm thanks to Netflix.

The Netflix series showcases couples and families whose lives have become chaotic and stressful.  With so much going on in their lives, the clutter has become a mountain that just can’t seem to be moved.   Life just slowly gets out of control and there is little time left to enjoy what really matters in life-family.

Enter Maria Kondo.  This beautiful woman, who seems so sweet and tender, comes in to rescue couples and families.  She encourages them to take control of the clutter one area at a time.  As they embrace her method the joy seems to come back to their lives.

Her style of minimalism is something that my husband fully embraces!  There is nothing he would like to see more than for me to be fully on board with him, but I like my stuff!  Everything I have is meaningful to me in one way or another or at least I have made myself believe that.  If the truth were told, I am a little tired of the stacks upon stacks that are cluttering up my living space.  Our bedroom has piles of stuff that I keep promising him I will put up but never seem to find the time to do.  While that may seem relatively harmless, my cluttering problem only makes things harder for my relationship with my spouse.

While I have never read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I have watched the series.  I can’t say I was lead to fully embrace her method, but there were several things that I did take away from it.

KonMari Method

Begin decluttering by going in order: Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous, Sentimental

Focus on discarding things first.  Organizing comes after items have been discarded.

Pull the items out and place in a central location.

Go through each item to find those that “spark joy.”  This is done by touching every item.

Organize the remaining items by category.

Everything has a designated place.

Rather than stack items, vertical fold.

KonMari Method

When your home is cluttered, it creates anxiety.  People often feel overwhelmed because of the mess that they are surrounded with.  Once things in your home are organized and in their proper place, it really does make you a happier person.  The things we possess should “spark joy” in some way.  If they do not, then why are we hanging onto them.

For the areas I have managed to declutter, I truly feel a sense of peace and calm that didn’t exist before.  While we still have a ways to go, I can easily see how Marie Kondo is “sparking joy” in the world!

Less is More

Have you watched the Netflix show?  What are your thoughts on the KonMari Method?  Do you have ideas on how people can de-clutter their lives?  We would love to hear your thoughts.



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