Sonic Chocolate Shake Dipping Mix

Entertain this Summer with a Sonic Chocolate Shake Dipping Mix


Start planning now for what you are going to dip into this Sonic Chocolate Shake Mixing Dip!  It’s delicious and perfect for entertaining this summer!

In my head, I am singing “In Summer” from the beloved Disney movie Frozen.  Like Olaf, my family loves summer.  It’s the time when we can sleep in and stay up late, entertain family and friends with backyard barbecues, and visit one of our favorites, Sonic Drive-In!  We love heading out to our local Sonic to cool off from the hot sun with a delicious shake!  I am all about the classic hand-mixed chocolate shake and add some french fries to dip, I am in heaven.  Who else is with me?  How many of you like to dip things into a shake?   Now you can enjoy that classic chocolate shake with our Sonic Chocolate Shake Dipping Mix recipe.

Sonic Chocolate Shake


1 Box Sonic Chocolate Shake Pudding Mix (Walmart in the Jello/Pudding section)
1 Tub Whipped Topping
1/2 Bag Chocolate Chips
1 Cup Milk
Your Favorite Treats For Dipping


 Pour your Whipped Topping into a large bowl. You will want to use the entire container!

Sonic Chocolate Shake

Pour your package of Sonic Chocolate Shake Pudding Mix into your bowl. Mix well.

Sonic Chocolate ShakePour 1 cup of milk into the large bowl. This will thin out the dip! Mix well.

Sonic Chocolate ShakeNext, pour in your chocolate chips! Make sure to save a few to decorate the top of your Sonic Chocolate Shake Dip!

Sonic Chocolate ShakePour your Sonic Chocolate Shake Mix into a serving bowl. Sprinkle those leftover chocolate chips. Spread out all your favorite dunkable snacks.

Sonic Chocolate Shake


  1. Samuel says
    My family also loves to dip french fries into shakes. Sonic has a great collection of yummy shakes too. I’m definitely going to show this recipe to my wife. Hopefully she’ll make it for us.
  2. Tammy says
    Great giveaway! We love Sonic!!! I heard they have a pickle shake. Sounds crazy and I think I might try it.
  3. LaKisha Riddick says
    I love chocolate shakes with crumbled Reese's peanut butter cups. I've never dipped anything in my shakes. But my kids love to dip chocolate chip cookies in their vanilla shakes. This is an interesting recipe that I know my kids would have have fun trying.
  4. Karley Moore says
    I love a plain old Vanilla shake. I don't dip anything in it. Thanks for the giveaway!
  5. Natalie says
    I love the Oreo shake! Chocolate and cream go well together.
  6. Anita Duvall says
    I love a chocolate shake with strawberries added to it.
  7. Lisa V. says
    I love a peanut butter shake and I don'd like to dip things into it. The shake is good enough for me!
  8. Tracie Cooper says
    I would love to try these with peanut butter cups.
    1. Tracie Cooper says
      I love Sonic shakes!

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