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Riddell Smarter Football

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Summer is coming to a close and students are returning to school.  While I will certainly miss all the fun I had creating memories with our friends and family this summer, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and seeing my kids take the field!   There is just nothing quite like the excitement and adrenaline that comes with being a sports oriented family.  Our family has grown together under the Friday Night Lights, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Seriously!  I love being in the stands supporting my children doing what they love.

Riddell Smarter Football

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in safety concerns not just in youth sports, but also in the professional leagues.  From heat issues to concussions, parents and coaches want to be on a winning team but not at the risk of injuring a player.  This leaves many parents, including me, wondering whether or not we should allow our precious children to play a sport. While it may be easy to just say no, children can receive so many benefits and rewards from being involved in sports.

Riddell Smarter Football

The biggest reward of my children being involved in football would have to be what they learned both on and off the field.   One of the toughest lessons I have had to watch them learn is to get through adversity.  Having to work as a team to win or accomplish a goal can be overwhelming.  Often times teammates may disagree on what to do, but they have to follow through with their coach’s game plan.  If one person chooses not to do their part, there can be adverse consequences.  I have watched my children learn what it truly means to hold their head high and face defeat.  More importantly, they have learned to never give up.  We will all make mistakes, but it is how you handle those mistakes and grow from them helps prepare you for life. With that being said, it is easy to see why many people make the decision to enroll their children in sports.


Riddell Smarter Football

Knowing the impact that sports will have in shaping them for the future, I want my children playing!  But how do I ease my fear of paying for it?  Having kids involved in sports brings a heavy price tag.  From registration fees to the gear, playing sports can definitely take a toll on a family pocketbook.  Many children that truly need this outlet for many reasons are never given the opportunity due to the fees involved, and we have even found ourselves in this position several times.  Whether you have one child or several, children should be afforded the opportunity if they want it.   If they want to play their hearts out on the field, you will want to make sure that you give them the best experience and equipment.

Thankfully, Riddell gets it!  They KNOW that children need to be playing, and they understand just how important it is to provide players with the best gear to keep them safe.  The goal is not to just play football, but to do it smarter! With over 80 years of innovation, Riddell has created their own smarter football story.

What is Smarter Football? It’s clear that the game of football is no longer about being the fastest or strongest on the field; it’s about being the smartest, on and off the field. The game is relying more on science and technology to help evolve players into elite athletes with the implementation of sensor, cooling/heating and grip technologies. Smarter Football can embody many forms including:

  • Safe tackling
  • Proper nutrition
  • Excellent sportsmanship
  • Maintaining good grades

Riddell is calling on players, coaches, parents and fans to take an active role in advancing the game through the Smarter Football Commitment. This initiative invites members of the football community at all levels to join in a movement to create a safer, better sport through the use of “smarter” tactics on and off the field.

At Riddell, Smarter Football manifests itself in the way the brand integrates engineering expertise with new data and cutting-edge materials to develop protective equipment. Over the years, Riddell has:

  • Collected over 10 years of head impact data and research with biomarkers through a partnership with TGen and the University of Arizona
  • Developed and introduced the first flexible football helmet with the Riddell SpeedFlex in 2014
  • Launched Riddell’s InSite Impact Response System, which helps thousands of football programs improve their playing techniques and acts as an extra set of eyes for coaches and training staff
  • Launched Precision-Fit, a process that utilizes 3D scanning techniques to build a completely custom-fitting helmet for the individual player.

Riddell SppedFlex Helmet

Riddell Sports is dedicated to providing state of the art safety in football by creating and producing a product line that better protects athletes and help them perform at their best.  One example of this can be seen in their helmet designs. Check out what they have to say on their website about their helmets!

Riddell’s goal “was to design a helmet with fully-integrated components and state of the art protection.  We looked at the players’ – at all levels of competition – wants and needs, as well as those coaches, equipment managers, and athletic trainers. Backed by our extensive research, including our 2+ million data points of on-field impacts, the foundation was firmly in place to create a new football helmet. The result … The Riddell SpeedFlex.  The SpeedFlex features The Flex System, with flexibility engineered into the helmet’s shell, face mask and face mask attachment system with hinge clips to help reduce impact force transfer to the athlete.  The HS4 (High Strength Stainless Spring Steel) face masks were designed exclusively for the SpeedFlex helmet. The unique properties of this material allow for a thinner gage, lightweight construction for improved sight lines and field of vision for the athlete.”


“The Riddell SpeedFlex helmet is not the future of football … The Riddell SpeedFlex is the here and now of football.”


Do you have a child playing football?  Why not apply for Riddell’s #SmarterFootball grant!   Share your story with Riddell and apply for a grant to receive upgraded gear for your child’s football team. Riddell is pledging up to $100,000 in equipment grants to select football programs in need of upgraded gear.  Multiple grants will be awarded to several deserving programs that best demonstrate how the new product will strengthen their team’s commitment to smarter football.  Fans, administrators, coaches, parents, and players can submit their teams at Riddell.com/SmarterFootball  now through August 31.  To apply, fill out the form to share the details of the football program you are applying for, including the state of their equipment, and how your program practices Smarter Football.  Grant recipients will be selected right after August 31 and given new gear before the football season starts.  What are you waiting for?  Apply now!


Riddell Smarter Football

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