Serenbe Playhouse, Your Carnival Awaits!


Nestled 35 miles south of Atlanta in the secluded Chattahoochee Hills is a playhouse like no other, and this Spring and Summer are great times to head out to the rustic community to experience theater in a new way.  Serenbe’s director, Brian Clowdus, creates a theater environment like no other.  Immersing visitors into the middle of the scenery is one thing that keeps bringing guests back for more each year.


Playing now through April 10, Carousel has a fabulous theater environment including a working Ferris Wheel.  No carnival would be complete without an assortment of booths and interesting characters like a bearded lady and Siamese twins.  And yes, there is even a carousel!

“In a more innocent time, Americans sought entertainment in the form of carnivals and fairs, where delights of all kinds were just a ticket away. This spring, we invite you to step right up and experience Carousel, the second installment within the Rodgers & Hammerstein canon featuring the reunited all-star cast of Serenbe Playhouse’s beloved 2014 production of Oklahoma! The principles of this adored cast return to tell the tale of Billy Bigelow, his lovely Julie Jordan and their daughter, Louise, in a rendition that highlights the dark undertones of a cruel world juxtaposed with the enduring power of love. Along with the reimagined telling, you’ll find the rolling hills of Serenbe transformed into a turn of the century carnival, complete with cotton candy, games galore, wonders on display and, of course, a carousel. Come and take a whirl!”

8pm, Wednesday – Saturday
2pm & 8pm Sundays

Buy tickets now here!


Be sure to visit Serenbe April 2 and April 9 from noon to 5pm to experience a turn of the century carnival.  Admission is free!

$1.00 per Ticket
$20.00 for 25 Tickets

Ferris wheel – 5 tickets
Carousel – 4 tickets
High striker – 1 ticket per swing
Games – 1 turn (3 tries) for 3 tickets or 2 turns (6 tries) for 5 tickets

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Images from Serenbe Playhouse website.

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  1. cgmjemus says
    Serenbe is an enchanting place. Different each and every time you go. You simply could not have an unhappy day there. Come see us.
  2. cgmjemus says
    Reblogged this on cgmjemus's Blog.
  3. Ronnie says
    Went there the other day just to walk around. A lovely place. I suggest to,anyone to go.

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