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Flowers?  Do you like flowers?  Me, I love them!  I enjoy getting flowers from my friends and family.  They always seem to brighten my day and make me feel loved and important.  Although they are certainly beautiful, they also die quickly.  I also find that since I have such a busy life, I can’t enjoy them like I would like since I am hardly ever home.  Plus, they slowly die and I can’t enjoy them.

Seems like such a waste if you think about the amount of money spent on sending them.  Now do not get me wrong, it is still a great idea to send flowers to people you love.  But what if I told you there is another option out there for sending flowers that is cost effective AND gives back!

If you have been a follower of mine for awhile, you know that I LOVE to find ways to save money and give back!  I also believe it is so important that we find ways to show others we are thinking of them.  Thankfully, there’s an APP for that! Flowerling!  Flowerling is an iOS app that allows you to send flowers virtually!

How does it work?

Download the Flowerling app on iOS and create an account.


You can begin by purchasing coins from the coin store. Coins will be needed to purchase flowers and vases in the app, and prices range between  $0.99 to $1.99. A single rose costs five coins or $0.99.

Next, you select the flowers you want to send.  They have a wide selection available from single flowers to beautiful bouquets.  They even have pretty vases to choose from.


As you can see from the bottom of the picture above, you have options on how to care for your flower or bouquet. It takes about 8 days for the flowerling to go through its life cycle.  For me, I enjoyed being able to take care of the flower on my phone.  It reminded me of the days I spent with my grandmother back at her lake house many years ago.  She had a garden outside where she had a wide assortment of beautiful flowers.  When I would go out there to have “grandma camp” as she called it, she taught me all she knew about caring for her flowers.  While I wish that green thumb had continued with me into adulthood, I am still left with fond memories of our time together.  As I spent time caring for my flowers, I could not help recalling those special times I had with my grandmother.

Another feature that I enjoyed was using was the personalized note and the option to include a picture.  Each morning I would send my mother a sweet note with pictures of us from our childhood.  While it may not have been real flowers, she told me she enjoyed this much better because of the time I took to create and select something different for her each day.



So how does this app give back?  I am glad you asked!  Flowerling has a partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project which plants a tree in Madagascar with every Flowerling sent. Right now they have planted over 25,322 + trees from the bouquets and flowers that have been sent. Now I do not know about you, but I LOVE knowing that I can send messages and flowers virtually to my friends and family while knowing I am supporting something bigger than myself!

Just think!  Do what you do every day like texting people but know that for every flower or bouquet you send, you are helping to make your planet a better and more beautiful place.  I am ALL for that!

With more and more people focused on the state of our planet, Flowerling allows you to do what you already love to do  send flowers  but in a new way that brings joy and happiness to those who receive them, and makes a positive impact on the world we all share. Download the app from iOS today!


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