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Celebrating the holidays with loved ones and need a fresh, new idea to entertain your guests?  My family comes over to our house for food, gifts, and fellowship.  One of my biggest problems is trying to find a game that EVERYONE will want to play.

Family Games

I have noticed over the years that many games have been created that families can enjoy together.  Some of our favorites include the crazy mouthpiece game, Watch Ya’ Mouth, and Pie Face. These games have provided hours of entertainment with family and friends.

Watch Ya Mouth

Watch Ya’ Mouth Game

Pie Face

Pie Face Game

Plastic Wrap Game

So this year in my quest to find a game that everyone would enjoy, I thought I would try something I have seen all over social media in recent months, the plastic wrap ball game!  Have you ever heard of it?

The game consists of a giant ball of plastic wrap.  Throughout the ball are hidden gifts.  The objective is to unwrap the plastic wrap ball and to reveal the presents.


Materials Needed

A box of plastic wrap, 200 ft

Gifts – I would recommend that you tailor your gifts to your friends and family.  For our needs, we visited a local candy store, Rocket Fizz, and purchased a wide variety of candy.  To create our ball we purchased roughly 30 pieces of candy.

3 die


How to  Set Up 

Before you begin, please note that you will wrap each item in saran wrap separately.

Begin by taking your first item and wrapping it in plastic wrap.  You will want to completely cover it.  Tear the plastic wrap from the box so that the item is completely free from the roll and covered.  Place your next item on TOP of the wrapped item.  Tear off a piece of plastic wrap and cover that item on top of the first item.  Then place your third item on top of the two you have already covered.  Get another piece of plastic wrap and cover it.  You will continue this until all items are wrapped.   I would recommend that you place them in different places as the ball grows in size.

Depending on the items you are putting in the ball, you may have to wrap it a few times.  For example, I had a rock candy sucker, and I had to wrap it a few times around to make sure the wooden stick did not poke through the ball.

I would also recommend that you place a  few layers of just plastic wrap around the ball with NO items.  This will ensure that a few times when the ball is going from person to person that a few turns no one will get anything.

How to Play

Set the ground rules first, whatever those may be.  For our game, we designated certain candy pieces ahead of time as the main ones to get.  If you were lucky enough to unwrap one of these items, you win a special prize.  We choose to use lottery scratch-off tickets for our game.

Another rule I would recommend setting before you begin playing is that there is no tearing of the plastic wrap.  The game should be played by unwrapping.  Setting this rule will ensure that everyone gets a chance to really play.  The last thing you want is someone super strong to tear it apart and take several items at one time.

Begin by selecting who goes first.  The person holding the plastic wrap ball will need to find the seam so they can begin the unwrapping. The person to the right of the person that begins by rolling the die.  Once doubles are rolled, the ball is passed to that person so he or she can begin unwrapping the ball.  The die is passed to the next person and they roll until they get doubles.  The game continues in this fashion until the entire ball is unwrapped.

My family had a great time playing this game, and we want you to experience that fun!

If you decide to play, we would love to hear about it!



  1. Jamie says
    I just heard about this and thought it sounded like fun. Definitely going to try it at a party next year. We usually play an 80's music game that everyone loves, but with different ages, this would be perfect. :)
  2. Andrew Mommysbusy says
    That's such a fun clever idea. But as someone who suffers from I-cant-open-saran-wrap-or-those-produce-plastic-bags-at-supermarkets-without-help Syndrome, this game would drive me insane!
  3. Rosie says
    I'm not good at any go-to's. I hurry and call my sister for ideas!

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