Safest Cell Phone for Kids

Gabb is back with something even bigger and better and my family is so excited! If you have been looking for the safest cell phone for kids, this is it! Seriously! Now they’re offering Gabb Phone Plus, Gabb Music, and even Gabb Buds and Speakers. Looking cool while keeping safe and not getting caught up in the drama can happen!

Gabb Phone Plus

The Gabb Phone Plus combines the kids safety Gabb is known for with the superior device quality
Samsung delivers. Give your kids the premium look and sleek feel they see from the best phones on
the market with access to clean music through Gabb Music or Gabb Music Plus.

The Gabb Phone Plus allows you to select from a growing list of curated, safe, 3rd-party apps from all the above categories. You’ll simply log in to your Gabb Wireless account to select what apps to add to your child’s phone, as they become available.

Gabb Phone Plus is manufactured in partnership with Samsung using premium materials, including: all-metal frame for improved durability, vibrant 5.83” edge-to-edge Infinity Display, and a lighter, slimmer profile for kid and teen hands.

Gabb Phone Plus includes more functionality and customizations to help your kid or teen get the most out of their phone, including: customizable lock screen and app layout; an ever-growing list of safe, curated apps; Samsung Notes; and exclusive access to Gabb Music Plus. Just like every Gabb Wireless device, there is no internet, no social media, and no games.

The Gabb Phone Plus comes selfie-ready with a 5 MP front camera, 8 MP back camera and Samsung processing power that creates crisper and more vibrant images.

Samsung’s long-lasting battery gives you more time to talk, text, and stay connected with friends and family.

Gabb Music

Looking for clean music streaming for kids and teens? Current music streaming services are for adults, with kids as an afterthought. Gabb Music is different. Created safe from the start to offer a curated library of songs that kids and teens actually want, and parents can say yes to. Make no mistake, these aren’t kiddie versions of songs. They’re the originals we all love.

Clean Music in Every Genre

Let your kids listen their way with the largest clean music library in the world, built on the safest kids phone in the world. Jam-packed with hit songs from every era and genre—explicit lyrics and innuendo not included.

The Future of Safe Music for Kids

Gabb Music pulls from millions of songs across genres, and the list will never stop growing. It’s built on the world’s safest devices for kids and packed with hits from pop, hip hop, country, rock and roll, and more.

Gabb Music doesn’t bleep out explicit lyrics. It’s a curated library of clean music, making it easy listening for kids and your whole family. It’s music you can play in the minivan.

Gabb Music uses a first-of-its-kind process to scan millions of songs using industry-leading tools, including LyricFind’s state-of-the-art solution LyricIQ, together with Gabb’s own proprietary technology and human review to curate the world’s safest music catalog for kids and teens.

Gabb Music or Gabb Music Plus

Current Gabb parents can log in to My Account to get their kid started on Gabb Music, or—coming soon—on Gabb Music Plus (only available on Gabb Phone Plus).

Bring the Music with Gabb Sound

Be the life of the party everywhere with the Gabb Blast Speaker or enjoy music on the go to get in your zone anywhere with Gabb Buds.

Gabb Blast Speaker

Play everywhere. Bring the music wherever you go in the rain, dust, or snow with the best wireless speaker for kids. Gabb Blast Speaker delivers premium 360-degree audio, hands-free versatility, and rugged portability for all the places you’ll go.

Gabb Buds

Music on the go. Get into your music and in the zone anywhere with the best earbuds for kids. Gabb Buds bring big, premium, wireless sound right to your ears with a charging case that fits in your pocket. Just flip the top and start listening.

Gabb Phone Watch

The Gabb Watch triples as a cell phone, GPS device, and interactive watch. It is a stand-alone device. It does not pair with other Gabb devices.

Set up to 10 custom contacts in your kid’s Gabb Watch to ensure safe, exclusive communication. They can send and receive calls and texts from their contacts, without worrying about spam calls or junk mail from strangers.

The built-in microphone can record their voice messages and send them to any of their listed contacts. The pre-set message feature makes for quick responses, and can be customized for your kid’s needs. Emoji messaging makes for fun communication.

The “Lock Mode” feature is the perfect setting to keep your kid focused. Through the MyGabb app on your parent phone, you have unlimited access and complete control over how and when your kid uses their Gabb Watch. During school hours, lock their Gabb Watch to only enable calls to and from their emergency contact.

The Gabb Watch features sweat resistant durability while playing outside, rain or shine. We advise against submerging your watch in water for any amount of time. Swimming or bathing while wearing the Gabb Watch is not recommended.

The app that gets your kids active, productive, and having fun. Get your kids going with GabbGo™ only on the new Gabb Watch. Gabb Go offers rewards for going out and actually getting things done. Parents can customize to-do lists to help their kids stay active and feeling accomplished. With Gabb Go, there is finally a way to make productivity and task management fun for kids. Just like a real pet, your kid’s Gabb Go pet will need to be fed, walked, washed, and cuddled. What better way to learn responsibility and caretaking skills than with a fun game? Kids will earn coins for every need they fulfill for their pet.

Kids earn coins by achieving a set number of steps each day, then extra coins for stepping beyond their goal. A great incentive to keep your kid wearing their Gabb Watch at all times: their steps get counted, and they stay active.

The Gabb Watch is the perfect first device to keep your kids safe, and to teach them healthy and responsible tech habits.

Gabb Wireless Discount Codes

Chances are if you have a tween, they have probably asked you for a cell phone! I do not know about you, but giving in to purchasing a kid a phone is a tough decision. Social media and access to games and the internet can be scary. You just can’t be too careful. As a mother to older kids and younger ones again, I know firsthand how safe you want to keep your children. That’s why I am happy to share with you that I have the answer to the kids and cell phone dilemma, Gabb Wireless! It has all the things that they need and none of the things that they don’t!

Right now they are offering a Gabb discount code of $25 off with promo code LEIGH on the Gabb Phone, Gabb Watch, and Gabb Phone Plus.

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