Root Beer Floats

Pledge to go Technology-Free and Create Family Fun with A&W Root Beer

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned Root Beer Float?  There is something about root beer floats that just tastes like the greatest parts of summer as a child.  I can recall many days sitting on my back porch soaking in the hot summer day while sipping on this quintessential summer drink.  A classic explosion of a spicy root beer paired with rich, creamy vanilla ice cream was and still is a match made in heaven.

History of the Root Beer Float

Did you know that this classic began in Colorado in a mining camp?  Coined the “Black Cow,” Frank J. Wisner of Cripple Creek, Colorado created this delicious concoction back in August of 1893.

Wisner, the owner of Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Company,  was inspired by a sight he saw- a snow-capped Cow Mountain glistening in the light of a full moon that reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  A brilliant idea was born!  Why not add a scoop of ice cream to his children’s favorite root beer and the rest is history!


Classic Root Beer Float Recipe


2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

Root Beer

Ice Cold Frosty Mug


Add two scoops of ice cream to your frosty mug.

Pour root beer over the ice cream.



Image Credit A&W Root Beer

A&W’s Campfire Root Beer Float Recipe

Add 2 scoops of s’mores ice cream.

Fill to the top with A&W root beer.

Top with a toasted marshmallow, mini chocolate chips,  and graham cracker crumbs.

A&W Root Beer Float Recipes

Looking for more ideas?  Check out these additional Root Beer recipes from America’s favorite root beer company, A&W!

Brownie Sundae Root Beer Float

Salted Caramel Root Beer Float


Image Credit A&W Root Beer

A&W Family Night Fun Pledge

To celebrate 100 years,  America’s favorite root beer wants to help families connect.  After all, root beers are better enjoyed with family on summer nights! They invite families to take the pledge to go technology-free for 1 hour on Friday nights this summer and create family fun memories to remember for years to come.  Those that pledge to go tech-free for one hour each Friday night this summer will receive a coupon for a free two-liter bottle to add some pop to their family fun nights.

At a time when screens increasingly demand the attention of users of all ages, A&W aims to help families across the country disconnect to reconnect and create the family moments they want but cannot always achieve.  According to a survey commissioned by A&W, 78% of parents wish their families spent more time together and 84% believe that having regularly scheduled family time would help their families spend more quality time together.  Busy schedules and technology distractions were cited as being the biggest barriers to spending quality time together.  A&W looks to bridge that gap by eliminating the outside distractions and adding the old-fashioned fun it has been providing to families for generations.

“A&W has been a part of a century of family memories, and while creating these traditions is timeless, when and how families spend time together has evolved,” said Derek Dabrowski, VP of Brand Marketing for A&W. “With email erasing the ‘nine to five’ workday and social media beckoning the attention of users of all ages, it’s become more of a challenge to carve out the time to spend together as a family.  By calling on families to take back the tradition of Friday Fun Nights this summer, and offering some sweet inspiration, memorable moments are theirs for the making.”

To help provide families with everything they need to jumpstart their Family Fun Nights this summer, A&W also debuts a first-of-its-kind Family Fun Night box, featuring a carefully curated selection of games, novelty items, and of course, root beer float essentials, to help make family time even more memorable. This limited-edition, the fun-filled box is available while supplies last at


4 A&W Root Beer Mugs (plastic)
4 Spoons
1 Pack of Paper Straws
1 A&W Ice Cream Scoop
1 Pack of Float Toppings (cookies & sprinkles)
1 Bottle of A&W Root Beer Float Dessert Topper
1 Set of Family Fun Inspiration Cards
1 Pair of Game Dice
1 “Buy 1 Get 1” coupon for a FREE 6-pack of A&W® 7.5oz cans

Order your kit here.

To pledge to make time for family this summer, watch float how-tos and for more Family Fun Night ideas, please visit  Be sure to circle August 6, National Root Beer Float Day, on your calendar!   Float a scoop of vanilla ice cream in an ice cold mug of frothy root beer, and enjoy the explosion of flavor!



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