Robin Hood Flies High This Summer at Serenbe Playhouse

It is summertime, and I bet you are already trying to figure out what you are going to do with your kids.  Thankfully we live in a beautiful area with so much to offer kids of all ages.  Between attending shows at your local library, going on outings to various places in Atlanta, and  swimming in your local pools, you have got many choices to choose from.  Why not check out one of my favorite places to go, Serenbe Playhouse.  The recipient of the prestigious American Theatre Wing grant, and recently honored with the most Suzi Bass Awards for a musical in Atlanta (Miss Saigon), is pleased to present ROBIN HOOD, new adaptation by Rachel Teagle.

Opening June 2nd and running through August 13th, performances are Fridays and Saturdays at 11am, and Sundays at 2pm.  ROBIN HOOD will be produced at The Farmer’s Market Hideaway in Serenbe.

No tale could be more suited for REBELLION than that of Robin Hood, the story of a renegade knight who abandons his life of comfort for that of an outlaw.  But Robin Hood’s defection is not in the name of recklessness — he’s a man of the people who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.  Alongside his band of Merry Men, our hero also chases romance with the lovely Maid Marian.  In this new adaptation by Serenbe collaborator Rachel Teagle and under the direction of Broadway’s Paul McGill, characters will fly through Serenbe’s magnificent forest on a zip line, redistributing wealth as they go!

“Robin Hood is going to be our most immersive family series to date,” says Playhouse Founder & Artistic/Executive Director Brian Clowdus.  “With a set in the air, actors will be zip lining above the audience in a hidden Sherwood Forest in the most breathtaking of Serenbe landscapes.  At the helm of this project is guest director Paul McGill who is no stranger to the air having played Spider-Man on Broadway among many notable credits.  We figured it would’ hurt to have Broadway and Spider-Man in our back pocket for this project!”  “This production excites me to no end,” says McGill.  “The potential is endless for telling this incredibly relevant story in this stunning natural setting.  The action-packed and arrow-focused nature of this piece is represented solely through our zip-line experience: you can only move forward, never back.” Audiences will receive the full Playhouse treatment as the enter Sherwood Forrest.  From games, to sword fights, to even having the chance to zip line themselves, everyone from 0 to 100 will join Robin Hood’s merry band!  The creative team also includes original music by John Burke, fight choreography by Christen Orr, scenic design by Scott Sargent, costume design by DeeDee Chmielewski and properties design by Stephanie Polhemus.

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  1. cgmjemus says
    Such a great place to visit. Serenbe is special in so many ways. Watching plays there is makes for a magical evening.
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