Road-Tripping and Southern Antiquing with the Silverado HD

Road-tripping has always been a love of mine. It’s a great way to make memories in a way you just can’t do when you fly or even cruise. There’s a hands-on element that lends itself to unique experiences. The feel of the wheel in your hands when you’re driving, handing out snacks when you’re in the passenger seat, and even yelling at – er, admonishing – the kids about poking, prodding, and generally annoying each other as much as possible all come together to weave together a story out of individual moments, that is hard to recreate.


Southern Antiquing in North Georgia

Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Georgia, you’ll discover a quaint Alpine village known as Helen.  This peaceful and tranquil area is a favorite destination for travelers and sightseers looking to catch a glimpse of yesteryear along the winding roads.  Helen and the surrounding towns are home to numerous antique shops where there are plenty of artifacts and antiquities to be found.


I recently went on a Southern-Antiquing road-trip across North Georgia with my husband, and that made for an amazing adventure full of memories, as well. Together, we explored the biggest and best antiquing spots in the northern part of the state, enjoying our time together as we took a step back in time through the doors of these wonderful stores. And just in case, I found a piece that really spoke to me, I was able to do it all in the 2020 Chevy Silverado HD.

Road-Tripping with the Silverado

First, let me say that this truck is a beast, and I mean that in a good way. It’s Chevy’s biggest Silverado yet, with an extra 3 inches of cab room in their crew cab model, and it features the most towing capacity of any Silverado model ever. In fact, it’s so big, I was a little apprehensive about driving it at first. I mean, it’s so much truck, and I’m such a little woman – at least when it comes to my height.  Getting up into the Silverado felt like something momentous. I mean, at my height, I literally had to climb into it. Once I was there, however… Well, let’s just say that I tried not to let all the power go to my head.


Keeping the Beast on a Leash

First of all, that engine. This cajun red beauty really is a beast. I could feel the power as soon as I turned the key. According to Chevy, the Silverado HD’s 6.6L gas V-8 engine has a 52% increase in towing power – a capacity of 35,500 pounds – as well as 22% more torque than their previous gas engine. I could feel it, you guys. Just the rumbling idle told me that this truck could handle anything I threw at it and then some. Putting my foot on the gas to pull out and start my road-tripping experience confirmed it. This truck is ready to get busy – really ready.


Exterior Form and Function

The 2020 Chevy Silverado HD has something else going for it that I love. It’s beautiful and makes it easy to load and unload. Its exterior styling brings to mind the big, tough-looking Chevy’s of the 70s and early 80s, but with a modern flair that keeps this truck looking both powerful and sleek. It’s the perfect blend of old school and modern, with that classic front-end, as well as BedSteps that make loading and unloading a breeze.


And speaking of all the loading and unloading the Silverado was designed to do, let’s not forget its available trailer view technology. Whether you’re road-tripping with a boat or a trailer, this truck makes it easier to see what you’re doing. With an installed camera, you can take advantage of a total of 15 camera views to help you safely back your cargo up to wherever it needs to be.

No Skimping on the Technology

I love the rumbling of a V-8 engine as much as the next gal, but I’m more likely to use the Silverado for hauling a dresser than I am a horse or cargo trailer, so I need to have my technology on point as well as my towing capacity. Chevy made sure not to skimp on the technological bells and whistles in their 2020 Silverado HD.


4G LTE Wi-Fi

I live my life on my phone, so I appreciate the Silverado’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability. It’s great for getting in a little work while your significant other drives AND keeping the kids occupied. It keeps everyone connected to what they need and never a drop of data is used!

OnStar Technology

I also really love the OnStar technology built into the Silverado. One of the biggest issues with road-tripping is directions and maps. OnStar features turn-by-turn directions that keep you on the right road so your trip doesn’t get detoured. They also have an awesome new addition – AtYourService. This new addition to OnStar helps you more easily find eats, shopping, and more wherever you are.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Silverado HD supports both of these apps, making it easy to stay connected and keep your eyes on the road. With CarPlay, iPhone features you’d want while driving are migrated to the truck’s central display screen. Access your music, make calls, and more. Android Auto allows for using several apps directly from your display screen using just your voice.

MyChevrolet Mobile App

One of the coolest features of the 2020 Silverado HD is being able to use this app! With this app, I was able to start or stop the truck, lock and unlock the doors, and even send destinations to the navigation system. I was also able to view diagnostic info, fiddle with the Wi-Fi, and a lot more. It makes it easier than ever to do almost anything with this truck.

Image Credit Chevrolet

Road-Tripping with a Tech-Savvy Super Beast

The 2020 Chevy Silverado HD was one of the most fun vehicles I’ve ever had the pleasure of driving. Road-tripping through the North Georgia mountains in this behemoth of a truck was just about the best driving experience I’ve ever had. After the first couple of minutes of thinking that it might be too big for me, I really wondered how I would ever go back to driving anything else. This truck as all the power you’ll ever need to tow anything, a ton of space, and all the technological bells and whistles needed to please everyone in the entire family.

Between exploring all the antique shops, hanging out with my main squeeze, and harnessing the power of this ginormous truck, I can say that this was one of the most memorable road-tripping experiences I’ve ever had!  Now I am ready to #FindNewRoads to explore!

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