Renowned Israeli Winemaker Roni Saslove Poured Her Way Through 10 North American Cities with Intimate Wine Tastings

Israel appeals to a diverse range of visitors as a world-class tourist destination with an impressive assortment of historical, cultural, culinary and religious attractions – each the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary. As a young country but with history dating back thousands of years, Israel is unique in that it offers the best of both worlds: unrivaled historical significance in some areas and vibrant, hip, stylish experiences in others. From awe-inspiring ancient city ruins, artifacts and diversity in Akko and Jerusalem, to world-class shopping, museums and a buzzing beach scene in Tel Aviv, to cutting edge architecture in the Negev Desert and, (how could we not mention) an EXPLODING culinary scene throughout, Israel has something for everyone to enjoy. A destination where travelers have the chance to experience an unparalleled combination of old and new, Israel is a must-see in 2017.



Roni Saslove, renowned winemaker and founder of Tel Aviv’s “The Tasting Room,” recently held an intimate wine tasting event at City Winery in Atlanta, Georgia.  My husband I were able to join her and discovered just how passionate she about her love of Israel and wine.  Some of the wines tasted across the events included Domaine du Castel’s 2014 Petit Castel and 2014 Blanc du Castel, Somek’s 2008 Carignan, Margalit’s 2011 Enigma, Kishor’s 2014 GSM, Bravdo 2012 Landmark 2B, among others.




She also explained the history of the wine industry in Israel and how it has evolved over recent years. Israel’s wine scene has exploded over the past decade garnering worldwide recognition, with more than 350 wineries across the country (which is just slightly larger in size than the state of New Jersey). Israel has five official wine regions, including Galilee-Golan, Shomron, Samson, Judean Hills and Nege, all providing extensive varietals of wine thanks to the varying microclimates in each region.

She has since wrapped up her intimate wine tasting tour throughout ten cities in North America sharing updates regarding Israel’s thriving wine scene and samples of some of the best Israeli wines available for purchase in each city.  Tastings took place in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Nashville, Minneapolis, Chicago and San Francisco.

As someone new to the wine scene, I have often wondered what the appeal of wine is for people.  This unique wine tasting experience really helped me to understand the passion that lures people to different choices.  If you have never attended a wine tasting event, one that is intimate, I strongly urge you to.


Disclaimer:  No compensation was received for this post.  We were provided tickets to attend this wine tasting events.  All opinions presented are 100% mine. 


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