FREE Pre-K Imagination Season Pass

Oh, how I love Dollywood so much more!  If you have a child ages 4 or 5, they can score a FREE Pre-K Imagination Season Pass. This special Season Pass allows them to enjoy and explore Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country completely absolutely free for the REST of 2019 and ALL of 2020! This special 35th Anniversary offer is inspired by Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library that introduces young children to the joy of learning through books.

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Here’s what you need to know about the FREE Pre-K Imagination Season Pass

Children must be born in either 2015 or 2016 to be eligible.

3-year-olds and younger are FREE everyday at Dollywood.

Parents have until January 5, 2020, to register their child for the Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass. Passes can be processed at the Dollywood Front Gate any time after purchase.

Registration for the Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass can only be done online before visiting Dollywood and cannot be done on-park.

The Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass will be unavailable after January 5, 2020.

The Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass can be processed at any ticket window at the Dollywood Front Gate. Please be sure to bring a photocopy of your child’s birth certificate or passport to confirm their age in order to process their pass.

The Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass is good from the time of purchase through the 2020 season at Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country.

How to get the Dollywood FREE Pre-K Imagination Season Pass?

Step 1

Register your child online for their Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass before January 5, 2020, HERE.

Step 2

Bring your child to the Dollywood front gate with a photocopy of their birth certificate or passport to confirm their age in order to process their pass.

Step 3

After you process your Free Pre-K Imagination Season Pass, your child can visit the rest of the 2019 season and all of the 2020 season – for FREE!


Wildwood Grove

Dollywood is known for being one of the nation’s premier family destinations, and visiting Dollywood with your child’s new Free Pre-K Imagination Season PassWildwood has never been better.  Designed after Dolly Parton’s childhood memories in the Great Smoky Mountains, Wildwood Grove at Dollywood is perfect for families!



Guests of all ages and sizes can enjoy this new area with over 11 unique experiences to enjoy together as a family.  The adventure begins as soon as guests enter Wildwood Grove through the massive hollow trunk of a fallen tree. Once inside this delightful place, a remarkable world is unveiled to families through their own imaginations. Once you step through the entryway of the Wildwood Grove, your imagination takes flight as you and your family head out on a journey of discovery in this breathtaking area. Remarkable sights await visitors throughout the land. In the distance, the breathtaking Wildwood Tree catches the eye as lively butterflies shimmer in the daylight.


Wildwood Tree

At the heart of it all is The Wildwood Tree. Featuring nearly 650 lighted butterflies (orange, blue, yellow, pink and multi-colored) and almost 9000 leaves, draws families to watch the butterflies play in its leafy canopy while encouraging others to splash and play in the winding creek that flows at its base.


As the sun sinks in the sky, Wildwood Grove glows warmly as lanterns and lights glimmer like cheerful fireflies. Once darkness falls, the area sparkles as the Wildwood Tree comes to life each evening in a unique nighttime show that features the butterflies glowing in a kaleidoscope of spectacular color.

Dollywood’s Wildwood Grove is an experience families don’t want to miss. These merry memory-making moments are certain to become a treasured part of every family’s visit. Make plans to attend during the 2020 season.  With the FREE Pre-K Imagination Season Pass, your child is going to have a BLAST!

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