PJ Masks Live! Coming to the Fox Theatre October 21

PJ Masks Live

Do you have a PJ Masks fan in your house?  We do!  Our little boy just loves these fun characters.   This trio of heroes, Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko are always busy saving the day from Romeo, Night Ninja, and Luna Girl, those pesky and sneaky villains.

Recently we had the opportunity to interview Matthew Caccamo who plays Gekko in the PJ Maks Live! show touring across the country.

Matthew Caccamo (Gekko) could not be happier to be a part of this super awesome cast! His previous credits include Fiorello! (Off-Broadway and Berkshire Theater Group), Dora the Explorer Live!, Summer of ’42, Peter Pan (Smithtown PAC), Our Town, Gallathea, A Doctor in Spite of Himself (Rider U.), Pinocchio (Jean’s Playhouse). Matthew graduated from Rider University with a BFA in Musical Theater.

Gekko PJ Masks Live

How did you become a part of this show?  Did you ever imagine yourself to be where you are today?

I became part of PJ Masks Live! when I auditioned for the show in June. We had a day of auditions, a day of callbacks, and I got an email about a month later asking if I would be involved in the show. I certainly did not imagine being where I am today – touring around the country, seeing all the beautiful cities, and performing in some of the most gorgeous venues. It has truly been an exciting experience.


How do you prepare for your shows? Did you take some kind of classes to help you be able to perform the acrobatic portions of the show?

Before each show, the cast does a physical warm up to stretch and get our stamina up for the high-energy show we are about to perform. In addition, I do a vocal warm up on my own. I recently graduated from Rider University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, and while there I took a variety of dance classes. I feel like these classes really helped me to keep up my flexibility, agility, and acrobatic skills needed for the show.


Do you relate to the character you portray?

I absolutely relate to Gekko. He’s a team player, a mediator, and an overall positive person. Though he may get distracted (as I sometimes do from time to time), he always has good intentions and wants to “do what’s right.” I completely resonate with Gekko because I, too, am a team player and want everyone to be heard in the decision-making process. I’d like to believe I have good intentions, and love to work together towards a common goal. This cast is a great example – we all work together to create a beautiful, positive show that audiences all over the U.S. and parts of Canada can enjoy!


What do you find the most rewarding?

Though the show is always a blast, the most rewarding aspect of this process is what happens right after the show. Once the curtain goes down, we hold a VIP Meet and Greet for the kids to meet the three PJ Masks for hugs, high fives and pictures. To see the look on these kids’ faces when they meet their heroes in real life is something truly special.


What advice would you give the kids watching your show?

The advice I would give to kids is to use your “super powers” (or what makes you unique) for good, to work together with people, and to have fun. Teamwork is always the best policy, and this show delivers that message in an exciting and relatable way for the kids. The process has been nothing short of wonderful!

PJ Masks Live!

Entertainment One (eOne) and Round Room Presents are proud to announce that ‘PJ Masks Live! Time to Be a Hero,’ a brand-new, fully immersive musical production, will take to the stage at Atlanta’s legendary Fox Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 5 p.m.  The live show is based on eOne’s top-rated animated TV series, which airs daily on Disney Junior.

Catboy, Owlette, Gekko, and the Baddies will delight fans of all ages with live performances featuring world-class production, familiar and original music, acrobatics, and immersive interactivity.   PJ Masks, the hit series, follows the thrilling nighttime adventures of three young friends who transform into their dynamic alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko, when they put on their pajamas at night and activate their animal amulets. Together, they embark on action-packed capers, solving mysteries and learning valuable lessons along the way.

Tickets start at $29.50 – $49.50, and $103 for VIP experience (plus applicable fees).  They are on sale now and can be purchased FoxTheatre.org, by calling (855) 285-8499 or by visiting the Fox Theatre Ticket Office.

Want to know more about these characters?  Check out their website here.

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  1. Ali says
    I loved the interview! What a positive fun show for young children and the actors working in the show sound like great people.
  2. Tara Pittman says
    What a fun show for kids. I remembered when my boys went to their first show and how exciting it was for them.
  3. Adelien says
    Great interview! We never see such kind of show. Bet kids will love it!
  4. Ann Bacciaglia says
    my youngest would love to go to this. it looks like it would be really fun. she loves pj masks.
  5. Tammy says
    Oh how cute!! I bet my grandkids know about this show. I will have to ask them.
  6. Sandra Creso says
    OMG my kids would love this! My oldest is totally obsessed with PJ Masks I think he would really enjoy this!
  7. Heather says
    My preschooler is going to be so excited. She loves PJ Masks and is always asking her sisters to play pretend with her. Seeing them on stage will be so exciting!
  8. Khushboo says
    I would love to know more about PJ Masks! It sounds like a fun and entertaining show which I have never come across before. :)
  9. Adaleta says
    Well this is super cool, what an awesome show and event for kids to enjoy! Live kids shows are always cool!
  10. Erica D Ardali says
    Having older kids I've never heard of PJ mask before. When my youngest was a little guy he would've been all about this though.
  11. rich bivins says
    Interesting and I must be old because I've never heard of PJ Masks. I don't have any young ones in the house either so maybe that is why. But awesome that they are making it a life theater show.
  12. sarah says
    I love it. I like that you are making children happy and encouraging them.
  13. Casey says
    My son loves this show! We watch it daily and he would be so excited if I was able to surprise him with tickets to the live show!!!
  14. Gabrielle Dean says
    My little LOVES Gecko!!
  15. Steph says
    We have been looking at tickets for this show! My daughter is obsessed with Owlette and Luna Girl!
  16. Casey Davey says
    My daughter loves PJ masks & especially Owlette!!

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