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Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge is one of those “must see” places that you find on almost any vacation. With lots of movement and energy, it’s a show that captivates both youngsters and grownups. Pirates leap, fires rage, and even mermaids make a brief appearance. It’s high seas fun for the entire family.

My family had the opportunity to see both the regular and holiday shows in Myrtle Beach, and we could all see just why this show is so popular, and it’s no wonder.  After all, with this being part of the Dolly Parton Company, it’s bound to be an exciting event.  Now, this beloved show has settled right in the heart of the Smokies!

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show invites guests to join the most famous pirate, Blackbeard, and his quartermaster, Calico Jack, as they lead the Crimson and Sapphire crews in a battle on land, on deck, in water and high above full-sized pirate ships in an indoor hideaway lagoon! Be amazed by beautiful mermaids, tropical birds, and much more all while you enjoy a fabulous four-course feast.

Included in the price of the show is a four-course feast.  You are served by “deckhands” that are terrific! They are very efficient and remain in character, answering every request with pirate lingo!   Be sure to bring in cash so you can tip your servers at the end.

Pirate’s Voyage Menu

Buccaneer Biscuit

Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup

Sugar-Cured Ham

Cracklin’ Pan-Fried Chicken

Matey’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Jolly Roger Sweet Potato Souffle

Walk the Plank Peach Turnover

Unlimited Coca-Cola, Tea or Coffee

Pirate’s Voyage Vegetarian Menu

Their Special Original Creamy Vegetable Soup (soup is made with a chicken broth)

Hot Homemade Biscuit

Garden Veggie Pasta with a side of Marinara Sauce

Buttery Corn on the Cob

Herb-Basted Potato

Hot Flaky Apple Turnover

Unlimited Coca-Cola®, tea or coffee

Pirate’s Voyage Gluten Free Menu

Fruit Cup with peaches, pears, grapes, pineapple, & cherries

Dinner Roll

Baked Chicken

Sugar Cured Ham

Buttery Corn on the Cob

Herb-Basted Potato

Snickerdoodle Cookie

Unlimited Coca-Cola®, tea or coffee

Image Credit Pirate’s Voyage

What to Expect From Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge

Be prepared to be entertained by pirates, animals, and more during the show.  As someone that has been to quite a few dinner shows, this is by far one of the most entertaining!  This is one show that keeps you engaged from start to finish!

The new Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show will feature a cast of more than two dozen aerialists, divers, dancers and singers. The 30,000 square foot arena will be home to the Crimson and Sapphire crews. It’s complete with two 25 foot Pirate Galleons and one 30 foot sunken wreck. The spectacular show features music by Dolly Parton and Mark Brymer.

When asked what guests can expect when visiting Captain Blackbeard said,

“Well, you’ll enjoy a fantastic meal, of course, and talent performing from around the world. You’ll see all of our fantastic animal acts and the exciting competition between the Sapphire Pirates and the Crimson pirates seeking the treasure hidden here in Buccaneer Bay.”

Image Credit Pirate’s Voyage

About the Show

The doors open for the show about 50 minutes before the performance, and I encourage you to take your time and enjoy what Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge has to offer before the show. The pre-show begins in the Pirates Village and features cast members dressed in pirate regalia entertaining the audience with some jolly pirate tunes.  Of course, there is plenty of laughter with their shenanigans and some pretty amazing acrobatic feats! Plus, guests will be oohing and ahhing as the sea lions come out for a little pre-show entertainment!

If you want to make the experience even more memorable for the kids, you can pay an extra $19.99 per person to Join the Crew. This includes face painting, costume accessories, and flags to really get the kids into the pirate spirit. I recommend reserving a spot for this beforehand, as it’s quite popular.

You will also want to walk around to check out the decorations.  Everywhere you look you are sure to see signs that pirates are looming about!

Once you enter the theater, you will be assigned to either the Crimson or the Sapphire pirates.  Throughout the show, you will cheer on your pirates as they battle it out for the treasure!  This definitely makes for a fun interactive element.

They even bring the kid’s right into the action by selecting a few pirates to assist the Crimson and Sapphire sides as they battle it out in some fun games.    Kids and adults alike chase after ducks, fill up water buckets, and more.  They even bring out dogs to do a few tricks!

You Can’t-Miss Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge

I cannot recommend the Pirates Voyage Pigeon Forge enough. The energy begins outside the show, and it continues all the way through. Our family was glued to everything from the moment we stepped foot into Pirates Village until the moment we left.  It was an experience that we’re still talking about, and that’s the hallmark of a great outing, in my opinion.  So if you’re planning a trip to Pigeon Forge, be sure you see the Pirates Voyage. It’s a high-seas, holly jolly time!

If you are heading to Pirate’s Voyage during the holidays, you can read about their Christmas show here.

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