#PayItForward at your local food bank


“Our hope is to help bridge the gap between prosperity and poverty in our community.”

 – David Kieser, Founder & President of Midwest food bank

This week I wanted to stop and focus on an idea for #payitforward after a recent experience I had.  I had the opportunity to visit a local food bank in my community and little did I know just what a hidden jewel this was.  Nestled in Peachtree City you will find one of the divisions of the Mid West Food Bank.  The Midwest Food Bank, NFP serves over 900 nonprofit organizations locally. Through their locations in Illinois, Indiana, & Georgia, many nonprofit organizations and volunteers take part in their weekly/monthly distributions and daily activities. Each month, weeks or days are dedicated as “Distribution”. During that period, organizations come in to pick up food which they then distribute to people in their communities. Numerous volunteers also participate throughout the week to make it all possible.



See the picture above?  They look like everyday people just going about their everyday lives in America.  What we do not know is the real story behind these faces.  Click on this link to take a journey with them on Feeding America to find out the facts surrounding hunger in America and how food banks help.

So how does this relate to my #PayItForward Challenge?  I am glad you asked.  I want to encourage you to find your local food bank and volunteer .  This is such an easy way to #payitforward, and the benefits you will get for volunteering at your local food bank will far outweigh the time you spent there.  Who knows?  You might enjoy it so much that it becomes something you do monthly, bimonthly, or even weekly.


Need to find a local food bank?  Follow this link to Feeding America.  The Feeding America nationwide network of food banks secures and distributes more than 3 billion meals each year to communities throughout the United States and leads the nation to engage in the fight against hunger.


Maybe you are not in a position to donate some time to your local food bank.  There are other ways that you can help end hunger in America.  Ask your local food bank how you can help.  There are ways you can give back that do not involve time.

In the upcoming weeks I plan to provide you with more ways you can #payitforward that involve things you can do for others.  We will talk about making Thinking of You Bags, Helping New Parents, and so much more.  I hope you will continue on this journey with me.  We have a whole lot of weeks left to take time to think of others and #payitforward!  Remember if you ideas on things we should focus on, please leave me a comment.  Together we can make a difference and a #payitforward!

Images from Feeding America.

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  1. Ronnie says
    Plz give to your local food banks. It is a much needed resource

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