Prepare Your Hearts this Easter with Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie


Spring has arrived and that means Easter is right around the corner.  One of my favorite things about Easter is celebrating the resurrection of our Savior.  As we get ready to prepare our hearts for the event ahead, I plan to head to the movie theater to see Paul, Apostle of Christ.  Paul’s letters and writings were vital to the spreading of Christianity and became a large part of the New Testament.  This movie focuses on how, despite persecution and peril, they shared Jesus’ message of love, redemption, and forgiveness with a small community of believers who in turn, took it to the whole world.

Great pains were taken to maintain biblical accuracy.  Using scripture as the only reference, director Andrew Hyatt recreated the story of Paul on film, including the close relationship with Luke, whom at the end of Paul’s life, at his own peril, traveled in and out of the prison carrying Paul’s writings to the community of believers


Visually stunning and historically-based, this film brings to life the story of Paul, who went from becoming the most notorious persecutor of the Church to its most powerful proponent among the nations outside Judea.  Through Paul’s story, we learn that while we are surrounded by evil, which can strike suddenly and without cause, Love is our answer!

I hope that you will make time to get to theaters to see this film and prepare your hearts for the most wonderful day a Christian can celebrate, the day that Christ sacrificed His life for ours.  You can buy tickets here: https://tickets.

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