Official Memorandum: Boss Baby Will Make You Smile


Babies, even though they may be small, they sure do have alot of power! Late nights, nonstop crying, messy blowouts…..  If you have a baby, then you know these words and experiences well.  This past Saturday we welcomed a beautiful baby girl into our family.   With a 15 month at home who gets all of mommy’s attention and time, this new arrival was not as well received by older brother than we thought she would be.  As a matter of fact, baby boy is still struggling to accept his new sister.  Between the crying and pulling of mommy away from the newborn, life is quite the adventure at home.

Boss Baby is a delightful movie about Tim, an imaginative 7 year old boy. Tim is an only child, and he loves being the focus of his parents.  When the family brings home the new baby, Tim realizes that something is up.  Why is this baby dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase?  Where did he come from?  When Tim discovers the baby’s real identity and plans, he sets out to reveal who the “real” baby is to his parents.  Tim desperately wants to return to his happy life as a family of 3.  As the movie progresses, Tim develops a fondness to The Boss Baby and begins to realize that being a family of four  may not be such a bad idea.

Do I think you should go see it?  Absolutely!  My family and I enjoyed The Boss Baby.   There was humor for both kids and adults, and it kept us laughing.  They do discuss the age old question of “Where do Babies Come From?”  The movie  explains that babies come from BabyCorp.   Here newborns are sorted and prepared for delivery to families.  Some are selected to do other missions, such as The Boss Baby.

What we enjoyed the most, my husband and I, is that we could relate to the jokes and experiences of the parents with a newborn.  Of course, kids will LOVE the fart and poopy diaper jokes.  Overall, the animation is great and kids of ALL ages will enjoy watching The Boss Baby.  It will leave you realizing just how special the bond is between siblings, even if they can’t figure it out at first like our baby boy with his new little sister.


DreamWorks Animation and the director of Madagascar invite you to meet a most unusual baby. He wears a suit, speaks with the voice and wit of Alec Baldwin, and stars in the animated comedy, DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby. The Boss Baby is a hilariously universal story about how a new baby’s arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator, a wildly imaginative 7 year old named Tim. With a sly, heart-filled message about the importance of family, DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby is an authentic and broadly appealing original comedy for all ages.

Starring the voices of Alec Baldwin, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, Tobey Maguire and Steve Buscemi. Directed by Tom McGrath.

Rated PG


Learn more by visiting the DreamWorks Animation website.

Disclaimer:  I was invited to an early screening of this film.  The opinions presented are 100% mine.  No compensation was received for this post.



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  1. momknowsbest15 says
    What a cute movie. This makes me think of my youngest two as the youngest was the boss.
  2. Congratulations to you! As a mom of 7-month-old twin girls, I can relate! And the preview for this one have made me LOL and smile, as well!
  3. Krista Bel says
    I was just saying on my instagram that I won't be able to see this movie this weekeend. [Insert tears]. I guess I'll just have to wait. I'm so excited!
  4. Sarah Bailey says
    I just watched the trailer of Boss Baby. I will watch it soon! I like he wears a suit. Haha!
  5. eazynazy says
    I just watched the Trailer and I can't wait to watch it
  6. Claire Santiago says
    I am not sure if it will be shown in our country but I am looking forward to it. I support any good movie that's for the whole family.
  7. Baskets Life Travel says
    OH I have not heard of this movie maybe because it is not overseas - but I will watch for it - as it looks really cute and something we would love, especially my 2 year old
  8. This movie looks like it is going to be super cute!! I can't wait to go with my kids to see it.
  9. Michelle Snow (@zengrrl) says
    The movie does seem cute from the trailers, and I think Adam Baldwin was the perfect person to voice the baby.
  10. Joanna says
    It sounds like a lovely movie to watch together with your kids, to unwind and laugh. And also, it does seem to teach a lesson on family values.
  11. Marielle Altenor says
    I watched the trailer for Boss Baby with my son and we were both laughing so hard! It's going to be a fun movie to watch as a family.
  12. cgmjemus says
    Sounds like a movie that the whole family can enjoy.
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