Night Out on the Town Just Got Easier with Horizon Theatre Company

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Atlanta is a bustling city with entertainment choices galore.  If you are looking for that perfect date night or just a fun night out on the town with friends, you have got plenty to choose from.  Museums to intimate theaters, if you are looking to spend some time with your sweet one or just out with guys and gals, you will find a wide variety to choose from in our beloved city of Atlanta.  Nestled just south of Little Five Points in Inman Park sits an old school building that is a quaint and intimate theatre that you will want to make sure to add to your musts, and  what better way than to get familiar with Horizon Theatre than to go and check out their newest show, Nobody Loves You!



Now everyone has a story to tell about dating.  From the horror stories of a date gone bad to the stories of that couple that just makes you want to vomit because they are just so darn perfect, Nobody Loves You is a hilarious musical following the lives of some attractive singles as they get paired up in a reality type game show. So move over The Bachelorette and Survivor.  You got nothing on this behind the scenes adventure musical comedy that millions of viewers tune in for each week! 


Jeff, a graduate student, suddenly finds himself alone after his girlfriend decides to try out for her favorite reality show, Nobody Loves You.  As a devastated reject, Jeff decides that he wants to win her back by trying out to be on the show.  However, there are suddenly other motives when he realizes that his former girlfriend is nowhere to be found.  Determined to expose just how fake reality television is, Jeff reluctantly decides to stay and be part of the show.   As he sets out to expose the reality game show, Jeff finds himself unexpectedly falling in love with the like minded Jenny who is employed by the game show.  The show will keep you in stitches as your hear confessions from contestants and find out who is next to be booted.  Will Jeff win the heart of Jenny or will he just become another reject on Nobody Loves You? 





Whether you have a love or hate relationship with reality television, you will LOVE this musical.  It is funny and witty, and the singing is spectacular.  I was simply blown away at the talented actors and actresses on that stage. Byron, the hosts, sucks you right into the show with his smooth voice and moves.  You will leave there feeling like you need to apply to be the next sucker, uh-I mean, contestant on Nobody Loves You!


Nobody Loves You, the off-Broadway hit being staged in Atlanta for the very first time, runs through April 30 at the Horizon Theatre in Inman Park. Tickets start as low as $25 (plus sales tax) and are on sale now.

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  1. robin Rue says
    That sounds like it's going to be an awesome show. I wish I lived closer so I could go see it :)
  2. Alli Smith (@anallievent) says
    I love musicals! The next time I'm in Atlanta, I'll have to check this place out. I love that it's located in an old school building.
  3. franckxethee says
    It looks fun to follow the journey of these single individuals in the dating scene. It would be nice to watch as their stories unfolds and I'm sure a lot can relate to the predicaments.
  4. Christy Maurer says
    I haven't been to a play in a long time. I used to love being in them in college. This one sounds like a lot of fun!
  5. My Teen Guide says
    I like the plot and I am sure this is going to be a fun musical to watch. I only wish I lived close! Better yet, I hope they bring this musical to more places for more people to watch and enjoy!
  6. Lisa (@blm03) says
    This sounds hysterical! I would love to see a play like this. I could not imagine having to date these days.
  7. Ana John says
    The Night Out with the best list of ideas for party themes, fun activity ideas and delicious snacks that everyone will love!
  8. swood97 says
    Nobody Loves You sounds like a really fun play to watch. I'll have to check to see if it's coming to our area too. It would be such a fun date night idea.
  9. kage2015 says
    I am sure this is a fun and very entertaining play to go and see. Nice to know something about the cast of characters.
  10. Jenn says
    This looks and sounds like so much fun. I haven't been to a play in a long time. That needs to change.
  11. Jenn @ EngineerMommy says
    I love to see plays. It's so much fun to head to the theater and make a night out of it. I love what this theater company is doing.
  12. Jaime Nicole says
    There is no better date to me than a night out at live theatre! It's just so much fun and this sounds like a great production.
  13. Lisa Favre says
    I love these little "cards" that gives little snippets of info on each performer. I must agree with Samantha because Sarah Maclachlan is a great singer!
  14. Anita Anderson-Fonteboa says
    This would be an awesome date night to do with your spouse or significant other. I love a good play that is funny and creative. Wish they were coming to the NYC area.
  15. Destany says
    That would be a fantastic date night! I doubt I'd ever be able to drag my husband... not because he'd not like it, but because he's such a homebody!
  16. That sounds like a great way to spend an evening on the town. I love to a night at the theater. Nobody Loves You sounds like a cute little show.

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