New Year's Eve Plan to Eat Right


Saturday marks the end of 2016.  If you are like me I am sure you are already planning what your resolutions will be.  With Christmas gone and one holiday event looming, how are you going to make sure that you do not end up gaining more than you bargained for?  Here are some helpful tips for making the best of your New Year’s Eve parties.

The holidays are not just about food!  COMMIT to making good choices BEFORE you head out.  Think about where you are going and what will be served.

Eat before heading out.  It is never a good idea to go to a party on an empty stomach.  Go ahead and eat at home what you would eat to stay within your caloric intake range.  That way you when you get there, you will not really want as much if any.

Make a PLAN prior to heading out.  Should you have the red velvet cake or a plate full of fruit?  If you go ahead and plan out what you are going to do, chances are you will stick to it.  Be sure to repeat this to yourself before heading in.

When all else fails, Plate It Out!  So let’s say you arrive and see all this delicious food!  You start thinking to yourself, okay it is just for tonight.  tomorrow is 2017 and I plan on losing weight tomorrow.  I get it!  So why don’t you consider Plating It Out.  Before putting it into your mouth, put it on a plate.  First, you are more than likely NOT going to load up that plate full of stuff in front of all your peers.  Second, once you start putting things on that plate you can really see what you are eating.  That reminder may be all you need to help you focus on your plan and stay committed.


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