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Outdoor living spaces are meant to be enjoyed, and there is no better time to get out there than in the summer.  Thanks to Mosquito Joe you can once again summer again!
When we were looking for the perfect home to buy, I knew one of the MUSTS had to be a BIG wooded backyard!  Cookouts! Obstacle Courses! Backyard Camping! Pool Parties! In my mind, I had envisioned plenty of backyard adventures with our family and friends and I wanted the space to be able to entertain and enjoy.  One thing I did not think about was the pests that are often associated with a woodsy backyard.  Mosquitos, fleas, ticks, flys, gnats, chiggers, oh my, the list goes on and on.  Not only are they a constant nuisance to swat at, but also they are harmful to both humans and pets.  With illnesses like Zika, Lyme Disease, West Nile and other insect-borne diseases on the rise in recent years, I really want to make sure that I provide a safe environment for those I love dearly.  But what precautions can one take to do just that?  Do I use a spray every single time I want to go outdoors?  Should I invest in a bunch of fans or special lamps around our patio?  Do I wear special fans or even wrist bracelets to keep those pesky little pests from snacking?
There are many options available out there and knowing which ones will really provide you with the most relief while still being safe can be hard.    Afterall, when it’s mosquito season you can’t very well hide indoors the entire time.  you will miss out on all the adventures that outdoor living provides.


Enter Mosquito Joe! After doing a little digging online I came across a Bugs and You webpage from Mosquito Joe. This webpage provides a wealth of knowledge about the effects of mosquito bites on the body as well as the various illnesses and diseases that are often associated with those flying blood craving pests.   According to their research, in the past 13 years, there have been more than 640,000 diseases cases from infected mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.   With even more cases on the rise today, keeping your family and pets safe during peak seasons is crucial and Mosquito Joe offers a  variety of ways to do just that!


Thanks to their barrier and natural solution treatment, we can now enjoy cookouts and family gatherings again.  How do they do this?  Mosquito control begins with an evaluation of your property so they can personalize the best treatment plan for you. They do this by really examining your yard and looking for those breeding grounds.
Once your personalized program has been determined, they will dome the property with a barrier spray.  Dome the property is like setting up a giant parachute over your property to keep those unwanted pests out.  Their goal is to kill the adults’ insects on the property and to keep new ones from coming for up to 21 days.  After all, mosquito control is all about breaking the life cycle of the mosquito.   If you can kill the mosquitos in their larva stage, you help to reduce the chances of more coming back. 


So you might be asking what’s in the spray?  I’m glad you asked.  They use “synthetic forms of pyrethrins called pyrethroids. Pyrethrins are insecticides that are derived from a naturally occurring compound called pyrethrum found in the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethroids are used in numerous commercial products that consumers use to control insects such as household pest insecticides, pet shampoos and sprays, and even lice shampoos applied directly to the scalp. The standard barrier spray treatment is effective on other pests such as fleas, ticks and some flies as well which makes it ideal for not only kids but pets as well.”
As an added bonus, they will even spray your yard for fleas and ticks!
Here are some additional reasons why you need to consider Mosquito Joefor your mosquito control needs:
1.  No contracts!  Seriously!  They will come out to your home as needed.  Got a big event coming up?  Mosquito Joe will take care of pesty little bug problem so you can easily entertain guests outdoors.
2.  Lasts up to 21 days!
3.  No need to take off time from work to be home for their visits.  They do not go indoors, only around the perimeter of your home.
4.  $25 off the next service when you refer someone and this can be used over and over!


Mosquito Joe

My family is looking forward to getting back outdoors again and not worrying about spraying ourselves down with repellents.  It is time to enjoy summer again with cookouts and pool parties.  Are you looking to take back your yard? Call and schedule your appt with Mosquito Joe, and begin enjoying the summer and outdoor living again!  You can get $25 off with code BUZZONLINE.


  1. Jan Millet says
    This is a great solution to our outside insect problem. Nobody likes to be sprayed down with chemicals. Thanks Leigh Anne. This is really good news
  2. katie says
    I'll have to look into if something like this available in our area. I think some neighbors have pools of water somewhere because we see lots of mosquitoes around the neighborhood in the summertime.

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