Modern-day Victory Gardens

Modern-day Victory Gardens! Little did I realize that something I would be teaching my students in school would come to be something we would actually be going through! Prior to our sudden and abrupt departure from our classroom, we had started learning about World War II.  On our last day together we had discussed Pearl Harbor and why the United States had to join the war.  If we had been in school last week, we would have spoken about America on the homefront during World War II.  One of those things we would have spoken about was victory gardens.  Victory gardens were the norm in America back in the 1940s. Everyone did their part to make sure the soldiers and civilians back home were taken care of.  Check out this video about Victory Gardens from the National World War II Museum.

With changes in the daily lives of our communities, Pike Nurseries is helping residents learn and prep to plant their own edible gardens. These modern-day victory gardens are a practical way to grow a tasty harvest that will benefit the whole household while helping provide camaraderie and comfort at home. A healthy recreation for all ages, gardening offers fresh air and exercise, relieves stress and provides fruitful results. Vegetables, fruits and herb gardens can be seasonal and self-sufficient – and there’s nothing better than homegrown!

Edible gardens grow plentiful produce in any space, including backyards, window boxes, containers and more – with spring produce, such as strawberries and tomatoes, ideally receiving six or more hours of direct sunlight every day. The experts also recommend working edibles around existing flowers and shrubs. With an abundance of produce, gardeners can share the fruits of their labor with family, friends and neighbors — or donate harvests to local nonprofit organizations.

In an effort to keep customers safe, all Pike Nurseries locations are now exclusively offering delivery and curbside pick-up. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Customers can complete an online form or call a local store to order, and a Pike Nurseries employee-owner will return the call to personally consult on the request and finalize the order.

The Pike Nurseries’ pros are available to guide newcomers and experts alike through planting and harvesting colorful garden staples. To help emerging green thumbs, Pike Nurseries has also outlined a few simple Do-It-Yourself projects:


Scrumptious Strawberries

Now is the perfect time to plant this beloved berry! Strawberries are nutrient-packed superfruits known to help fight against disease.


Tomato Time

Pike Nurseries dishes on how to pick the perfect type of tomato for a juicy harvest this season.

fresh green herbs

Pizza Garden

Parents and children alike will love planting ingredients for their favorite food – pizza! Kids can help plant, water and harvest flavorful herbs for an extra rewarding pizza night.

Image Credit Pike Nursery

Salsa Garden

Gardeners can plant a veggie bed with tomatoes, peppers, onions, chives and cilantro. Different types of produce will determine the texture, color and spiciness of the salsa.


Deemed an “essential business” by local and state governments, Pike Nurseries is proud to sell edible plants, along with the tools and supplies needed to cultivate personal gardens. Pike Nurseries recognizes that garden centers are key components within local communities, and the company is committed to ensuring the best selection of sustainable food sources, along with knowledgeable horticultural expertise, while practicing safety first. All stores are following the safety guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, as well as federal and state officials. For more information and advice, visit

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