Media Kit/Advertise

Living the Life as a Mom and Teacher is a    personal blog written and edited by me, Leigh Anne Borders. If you partner with me you will  benefit from my professional knowledge and attention to detail.  My goal is to continue to go above and beyond for my clients and readers.

I began this blog in October of 2013 as a way to  connect with people.  I enjoy bringing my family, friends, and readers closer to brands by promoting their goods and services. There is great satisfaction in knowing that I can connect people to things that they want, need, and will love.  Being a mother, educator and active member of my community and church,  allows me to be in a position to reach thousands of people offline as well as online.


I also write monthly for Atlanta Area Moms Blog and was a contributing member of Coweta Fayette Families.



As of 6/14/2015 Living the Life as a Mom and Teacher has over 1,300 Twitter followers, 652 Instagram followers, 1,500 Pinterest followers, and 13,000 views per month (UMVs: 6,700/mo).  1,013 follow the blog as subscribers.
A personal Facebook and Google Plus page with over 1,000 friends/followers is also used to connect people to brands.
If you are interested in having me review your product, I would be happy to do so.  If you would like to contact me regarding this, please email at