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Behold the sleek and sophisticated 2018 Mazda6 Signature!

I’m fortunate enough to be able to review many cool things as an influencer.  From hotels to restaurants, my calendar stays pretty busy.  One of the things I enjoy the most is the opportunity to check out new cars.   From looking at it through the lens of a parent to just an ordinary person, there is a lot to consider about your next automobile purchase and having a true reflection from a regular person is important!


Recently I had the opportunity to check out one of the coolest vehicles, the 2018 Mazda6 Signature.    As a current owner of an older model Mazda 6 GT, I was able to see how far they have come and I can honestly tell you I walked away even more impressed!  As a brand, Mazda just has a spirit of enthusiasm unmatched by others which is why we are Mazda owners.


Mazda6 Signature Features

The 2018 Mazda6 Signature is available with a turbocharged 250-hp  2.5T Dynamic Pressure Turbo DOHC 16-valve 4-cylinder with VVT.  Featuring  Mazda SKYACTIV,  a series of technologies developed by Mazda that increase fuel efficiency and engine output, this was one of the things I noticed immediately!   The Mazda6 Signature has an impressive fuel efficiency considering it is in the non-hybrid class.  The official EPA numbers are 23/31, but we were able to average about 32 mpg with varied driving over a couple of hundred miles.

The Mazda6 Signature also features paddle shifters for those dreaming about being in a high-performance car while still toting the family around town.


Mazda6 Signature Interior 

The Mazda6 Signature not only has a new engine but more importantly a redesigned interior.   With over 70 changes,  this sleek ride is even more comfortable with its mix of smooth Nappa leather, Ultrasuede, and accents of Sen wood and brushed aluminum.

Living in Georgia, our weather is quite unpredictable.  Sometimes you wake up in the morning needing a heavy coat, but end up leaving work in a t-shirt.   Even though we were in the middle of February when we checked out the Mazda6 Signature, I ended up using both the heated and cooling seat options.

The dual climate control is also a must!  I tend to like it artic cold while my husband and friends like things on the warmer side. Even though this may seem like a small feature,  it makes a huge difference in the comfort level.


Mazda6 Signature Safety Features

As a mom, I want to know that the car I invest in is going to be safe for my most valuable assets, my family.   The Mazda6 Signature i-ACTIVSENSE®6vehicle safety innovations use advanced sophisticated technologies like cameras and radar to give you a sixth sense for safety, helping to alert you to potential hazards and avert collisions – before they happen – or reduce their severity.


One of my favorite features is the 360º view monitor with front and rear parking cameras that show you your surroundings.  You can easily see if the cars next to you are moving, too close- or if there are people passing.

Mazda6 Signature safety features also include:

  • High Beam Control – helps the driver see better at night by maximizing opportunities to use the high beams.  The system manually switches to low beams when it detects oncoming traffic and/or a vehicle ahead.
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert – helps detect a vehicle approaching from the side and promptly alerts the driver with an audible warning as well as a visual warning in either side mirror and the display screen.
  • Lane Departure Warning System – when traveling at speeds of 37 mph or higher, available Lane Departure Warning System gives you audible and visual warnings when it detects that your vehicle is about to unintentionally depart from its lane.
  • Lane Keep Assist – adds to the warnings of the Lane Departure System when it senses a potential unintentional lane departure.  It will perform minor steering corrections to help guide your vehicle back to the center of the lane.
  • Ada[ptive Front-Lighting System – designed to help you see around corners at night.  As you turn into a corner, the headlights pivot 15 degrees in the direction of your turn, improving visibility and allowing you to spot potential hazards ahead.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring – helps detect objects in your blind spots and alerts you a chime warning light in the side mirror.  It also warns you of fast-approaching vehicles that may enter a blind spot.
  • Advanced Smart City Brake Support – uses a forward sensing camera to help detect vehicles and pedestrians ahead.  If an impact is detected, this system is available to warn the driver, adjust the brake pads for faster and firmer braking, and apply the brakes if the driver cannot.
  • Smart Brake Support –  helps detect objects ahead and warns you when braking is immediately necessary.  If no driver action is taken, the system automatically applies the brakes.
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go – maintains you set speed and minimum following distance from the traffic ahead.  If the vehicle you’re following reduces speed, even down to a stop, your vehicle is able to slow or stop as needed.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition System – strategically mounted cameras actually read road signs as Speed Limit, Stop, Do Not Enter and shows up in your Active Driving Display.


Overall, the Mazda6 Signature feels like a luxury vehicle without the hefty price tag!   It is perfect as a daily commuter car or a family car that has the power behind it many people crave in a vehicle. Strong performance and great fuel economy is exactly what you get with the Mazda6 Signature!   If you are looking for a sporty vehicle that has some zoom-zoom, you gotta check out the Mazda6 Signature!  It is a great value for the money!  Find out about the 2019 Mazda6 Signature here.


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  1. Amy says
    I have to admit, not a brand I would normally consider. But you've shown it to be a slick lil gal!
  2. alison says
    That is a pretty cool car. I love the feature with the headlights because that is one of my problems with my car. I never would have known.
  3. Hannah says
    Ah what a great thing to be able to review very cool. Great review, we've had a mazda before and love it!
  4. top5life says
    Awesome. The specifications of the Mazda 6 Grand Touring make it amazing. Thanks for the post.
  5. tp keane says
    Can you tell that I'm mad jealous you get to review cars? I love mazda and really wish I had one. Great post.
  6. royaltyinreality says
    I love that you got to drive a more recent version of your car. I think this gives you a unique perspective b/c you can really explore all the changes. Think you'll be upgrading any time soon?
    1. Leigh Anne says
      Yes, we loved the car!!!
  7. Pretty cool car!! I love the feature of the Mazda 6 Grand Touring and red color is also my favorite!!
  8. cgmjemus says
    The car is so nice. We are looking to get a new car, your reviews have really got our interest way up. I hope you will get to review a truck soon. My husband wants one.
  9. cgmjemus says
    Reblogged this on cgmjemus's Blog and commented: Love this car.

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