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Little Adventures

It’s Halloween!  Moms and dads throughout the United States are searching to find just the right costume for their little ones.  Just head out to the big box stores and you will find a wide assortment of costumes, but there’s one problem!  Generally speaking, that costume is designed to be a one-time thing.

Think about it.  You find the perfect costume for your little one that wants to be a princess.  In your eyes, she’s a princess every day!  But on this one day set aside each year for dressing up and getting candy, you head out to buy her the perfect costume from the store.  $50 later, you have bought the deluxe costume! As she gazes lovingly at the costume of her dreams, she begs you to let her put it on when you get home.  She wants to be the princess now!  Of course, you allow her to wear it as soon as you get home.

You look to take a peek into the bedroom and see that she is having the best time!  She’s twirling and hosting a tea party with all her stuffed animals and dolls.  It does not get much sweeter than this until you hear that scream.  You scramble into the bedroom to see that she has just spilled something all over her dress.  Or perhpas you find that the beautifully arranged tulle that was used as part of her costume has ripped as it was snagged on the dollhouse in her room.  Instead of that sweet little girl, you now have a little girl in full tantrum mode.  Her cotume is ruined and Halloween is tomorrow!  What do you do?  Run out and spend another $50 on a costume.  Of course not!  You make the best of the what’s left and pray that nothing else happens before tomorrow night.

One of the BIG problems with purchasing Halloween costumes is that the costumes do not last.  They are not designed to be machine washable and worn over and over.  They are pretty much a one time, one-night deal!  Now if you do not mind shelling out money for a costume that can be worn only once, then great!  But if you are like me, I want to get more bang for my buck!  I want to get something that goes beyond Halloween night.  I want her to be able to wear this costume anytime she wants.  After all, creative play is important!

Little Adventures

Thankfully, you do not have to look any further than Little AdventuresLittle Adventures, created by two moms, provides costumes that extend beyond the October 31st!  These mothers knew the frustration that many of us have with Halloween costumes.  Kids (and parents) need dress up clothes that are easy to care for so they made costumes that are “comfortable and soft, easy to put on and take off, lightweight for all day play and best of all machine washable!”

Little Adventures

So this year we are going with moms that get it!  We want to have a costume that extends beyond the life of Halloween and can provide hours of imaginative play for a few years. The Mermaid Dress is sure to bring us hours of fun!

Little Adventures has a great selection of dress-up costumes.  Whether you are looking for a costume for a special event or just want to give them the opportunity to play around, check out their selection.  They are affordable and adorable!

Little Adventures




  1. Tonya says
    How much fun! I love the idea of living and dressing up all the time. Live life to the fullest is always the best way to live. :)
  2. Jessica m says
    My girls are both grown up and i have a grandson.. Can't dress him up, so i can't have fun with this but my great niece's can! Thanks for sharing
  3. Jessan says
    Oh, its so exciting to dress up little girls especially when there occasions. But I agree, the outfit must not only be looking good. it must be comfortable for the kids :)
  4. olivia says
    Ah the costumes are completely adorable! It's nice that they're comfortable with good quality and can stay for a while!
  5. Shannon Sawicki says
    These are super cute, and it i had a baby girl it would cost me a small fortune
  6. Jen Temcio says
    All my kids wore costumes year round. (And sometimes daily!) I think your little princcess is so cute!!
  7. Aduke Schulist says
    I am a fan of letting kids wear costumes year round. Even better that these aren't "costumes" and are made to wear!
  8. Khushboo says
    Oh my! That mermaid dress is adorable. I love those cute photographs! The little one looks pretty :)
  9. adriana says
    These costumes are just the cutest things, oh my goodness! I love them and these pictures, you will cherish those for forever, for SURE!
  10. Akamatra says
    This is a great brand! I bet my daughter would love to stroll around in her chosen costume ( I imagine it would be a minion, lol)!
  11. Nina says
    Aww... those are so cute! I wish to become a little girl again to wear those costumes. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Athena says
    So cute and what a great idea. My kids grew up with tons of costumes - as soon as those Halloween outfits went on clearance - I would stock up and give them to them for Christmas for their treasure chest. So much fun.
  13. Tiffany Haywood says
    Oh My Goodness!! It's a cuteness overload! I love this and this company is so great! My youngest would definitely love to have a bit of dress up time all year round.
  14. Adaleta says
    Awe that is so sweet, what a sweet little dress, there is something so special about getting to dress up like a princess!!
  15. Madelain says
    Your girls are dolls! Princesses have more fun :) Madelain |

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