Landmark Resort, one of the largest resorts in the Myrtle Beach area, has just announced the opening of a massive new waterpark set to open in the summer of 2022.

“Landmark Resort has always been forward-thinking when it comes to providing fun, new and exciting amenities for its guests who vacation in Myrtle Beach,” said Kelly Simmons, Vacation Myrtle Beach marketing director. “We are beyond excited for this state-of-the-art waterpark.”

H2OASIS Landmark Resort

The expansive 9,800-square-foot facility valued at over $3 million will be located on Ocean Boulevard, opposite the over 500-room Landmark Resort and will be exclusive for guests who stay through the on-site rental program.

“This is such a huge addition to our resort,” said Simmons. “We have guests who have been coming since they were children, who now visit with their children. We’re so excited to see the smiles on their faces as they experience this attraction for the first time.”

A massive overhaul of the resort’s H2OASIS Waterpark, the brand new facility will feature an array of slides and water play features. The main attraction, three 40-foot tall enclosed 32” diameter slides will stretch 238 feet with 396 gallons of rushing water flowing down each slide every minute.

Silly Sub & Salty’s Splash House

Younger children will enjoy the kids’ play area: Silly Sub & Salty’s Splash House, featuring a jungle theme and 4-foot tall kids’ slide. Additionally, a variety of lounge chairs will be set up throughout the waterpark for relaxation between water-fun.

Landmark Resort

Set to open in summer 2022, Landmark Resort is currently accepting resort reservations and expects to fill up quickly. Vacationers are encouraged to book as early as possible at

*The new waterpark is currently under construction. Some features may be subject to change.

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