Rainbows & Unicorns, Oh My!  Fall in Love with Kindi Kids

Rainbows and Unicorns-oh my! This little girly girl can’t get enough of her brand new Kindi Kids friends from Moose Toys and to be honest, neither can I! I just love being able to watch her enjoy the magic of play with her new friends, Magic Marsha Mello Unicorn and her baby sister Mini Mellow Unicorn. She loves dipping their magical sponges into ice-cold water and wiping it across the girls to reveal their face paint. Add in the Magic Secret Saddle Unicorn, and it takes things to an all-new level of excitement!  She simply turns the unicorn’s horn and the secret saddle opens up to reveal a magical accessory just for her! They’ve also got the cutest little Party Pets to add to your child’s collection.  We instantly fell in love with Kitty Mello Magic! 

Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Face Paint Reveal Dolls & Baby Sisters 

If there is one thing my little girly girl loves, it is getting dolled up!  We love the Kindi Kid Dress Up Magic Face Paint Reveal dolls and their precious baby sisters.  You just can’t help but fall in love with their big glittery eyes!  

Equipped with a special Shopkin sponge, little ones can reveal their doll’s beautiful painted design with ice-cold water.  And yes, you read that right.  Shopkins! Do we have any Shopkins fans out there? The makers of Kindi Kids created the global phenomenon Shopkins!  

The Dress Up Magic Dolls wear adorable dress-up clothes and have matching hair clips and shoes. Their clothing and shoes are changeable for extra fun play! The Dress Up Magic Baby wears an adorable party costume and has a matching pacifier that can detach from their mouth. Their clothing and diaper can be easily removed for extra fun play!

Kindi Kids Dress Up Magic Secret Saddle Unicorn Rainbow Star 

The Kindi Kids collection adds a whole new element of fun with the Dress Up Magic Secret Saddle Unicorn Rainbow Star. With a little turn of her magical horn, the secret saddle opens to reveal a special accessory surprise for your little ones. 

We love her beautiful rainbow mane and tail and our little one loves to brush and style it.  She even has a hair clip and bow that you can use to style her.  You might even find that your little one uses it on herself.

What makes this even more magical is the Kindi Kid dolls and baby sisters can ride on Rainbow Star!  With a singed saddle, they fit perfectly on her.  

Kindi Kids Party Pets

Not only do they have mesmerizing dolls and a magical unicorn, they also have Party Pets!  With three adorable little pets to collect, Kitty Mello, Troppi Koala and Cuppi Puppi, you can add a whole new layer of fun to your Kindi Kid collection. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good party pet? The great news with these pets is they leave no mess!  Instead, they provide a whole lotta fun with their magical movements. 

Eden loves to pamper and groom Kitty Mello, Marsha and Mini Mello’s party pet. As long as she is brushed with her magical brush along the top of her, she reacts by closing her eyes.  

As we all begin to think ahead to birthday gifts and more, check out the Kindi Kids collection. Sold at Walmart, these adorable dolls, unicorn, and party pets will provide hours of entertainment for your little ones. 

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