Looking for high-quality and educational entertainment for your kids? Look no further than KIDSTREAM, an independent on-demand destination streaming a diverse selection of internationally-acclaimed, enriching shows that both kids and parents love. On Kidstream, you can access hundreds of hours of shows that promote curiosity, individuality, and cater to a wide variety of interests, such as sports, music, dance, science, and more. A few of their top shows include The Wiggles, Coyote Peterson, LazyTown, and Science Max. Sign up now at KIDSTREAM.TV to try free today.

Let Their Imaginations Run Wild
Kidstream offers a unique and carefully curated selection of educational, award-winning and commercial-free TV shows for preschoolers and big kids for just $4.99 a month.

Shows Kids & Parents Love
Kidstream’s quality programming provides hours of commercial-free fun for kids of all ages and interests. Whether your little ones love action and adventure or art and imagination, there’s something for everyone in our hit shows around the world.

Why Kidstream Rules
Our mission is to offer families safe, fun, and diverse entertainment options. They partner with leaders in kids’ entertainment around the world to feature shows that promote curiosity, individuality, and a wide variety of interests such as sports, music, dance, science, and more.

A safe place where kids can browse and search to find a fun show no matter their interests.

Crazy science experiments, animals of all shapes and sizes and plenty of good lessons abound.

Endless Fun
Experience loveable characters, safe content, and exciting adventures for your little ones.


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