Kick off 2019 with Beneficial Plants for the Home

Out with the old and in with the new! It’s the time of year to focus on health and wellness, and the experts at Pike Nurseries are prepared to help gardeners of all kinds have a flourishing, flora-filled new year. Now is the best time of year to refresh indoor spaces with houseplants that purify spaces and herbs that can be used for healthy, nutritious cooking. From orchids to rosemary, Pike Nurseries is stocked with the top plants to maintain a healthy household and lifestyle all year long!

Pike Nurseries

Hardy Houseplants
Since cold weather is officially upon us and cabin fever may be setting in, gardeners of all skill sets can look to houseplants to continue the joy of playing the dirt. In addition to providing life indoors, houseplants increase a home’s health by increasing air humidity and removal of dust and toxins from the air. Research has revealed that many houseplants – like the Peace Lily – can efficiently remove pollutants like Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Ammonia from a room’s air, releasing oxygen and improving the overall health of an environment. In addition, houseplants can create reduced stress levels in the home as seeing greenery and nature helps create a more relaxed, calm and overall happier environment.

Finding the perfect houseplant is easy, and Pike Nurseries offers a variety of options, including Ferns, Pothos, Orchids, Bromeliads, and Succulents. To maintain houseplants, it’s important to first determine where in the home they will take root and the amount of sunlight the area will receive. Pro tip: hold a hand about eight inches above a sheet of white paper in the space where the houseplant will live to learn how much light the space gets every day. If high light is present, a clear shadow with definition will be seen; medium-light will reveal a blurred shadow, and low light will offer no shadow. Still not sure what’s best for the home? The experts at Pike Nurseries are available to help customers choose the right houseplant as well as the best pot to go with their home décor and style.

Aromatic Herbs
Planting an indoor herb garden is an easy and sustainable way to conveniently grow plants in the comfort of the home. Herbs can be used in many recipes, for health-conscious chefs looking to kick off edible resolutions, or simply to freshen up the home after the holidays. Because herbs need plentiful light, they’re the perfect addition to kitchen counters or windowsills. For added ease, green thumbs can plant a variety of herbs, such as rosemary, sage, lavender, and fennel in the same pot to save space and produce an assortment of flavors for food or drink.

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