Atlanta! Joey McIntyre is Back!

There are so many things that make me remember my childhood.  As a child of the 80s and 90s, I was apart of generations that had so many wonderful things.  One of those things that I loved the most was the music.  To be honest, I still LOVE it and even prefer to listen to it.  As a teen in the late 80s and early 90s, I fell in LOVE with a band known as New Kids on the Block–along with millions of other girls!  My walls were plastered with these gorgeous boys.

NKONTB were a BIG part of my life as a youth, and as I grew older and life changed from being single to married, my passion for music took a different direction.  I kind of (brace yourself) stopped following my heart-throb bands of the late 80s and 90s.

Thankfully, all sense of reason came back to me after my children grew older and I found myself back in a position where I could reclaim what was once my childhood.  If you had been paying attention to the entertainment world for anytime now, you would know that many of the 80s and 90s shows, bands, and movies are making their way back to our hearts and living rooms.  NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre is no exception.  He will return to the spotlight in his new comedy on Pop Wednesday, April 12 at 8:30 P/7:30c.    Return of the Mac  features Joey McIntyre as a version of himself alongside his real-life family —wife Barrett and their three children, Griffin (8), Rhys (6) and Kira (5). As he embarks on a hilarious quest to be taken seriously as a legit actor, Joey is thrown into the reluctant role of a talk show host at a fledgling cable network called The Comfy Channel. As Joey starts to navigate the talk show circuit, he is joined by his often misguided manager and team played by a hysterical cast, including Adam Ray, Jamie Denbo, Katie Wee, Punam Patel and Jordan Black. 

We got to catch a sneak peek at the premiere and it is hilarious.  I love that I can catch a glimpse of him in his “real” life with his “real” family.  He is just like you and me, but a major star that is trying to figure out his new role in life!  If you are a fan, you are going to love all the humor associated with this heart-throb and his past with NKOTB and Dancing with the Stars  plus all the 80s humor added in.  Even if you are not a fan, you are going to enjoy this.  Between the humor and star  appearances, you are going to laugh and even relate to the parenting humor that is thrown in.  You can learn more about the series and find your channel at

RETURN OF THE MAC is executive produced by Donnie Wahlberg, Jenny McCarthy and Joey McIntyre, along with Tim Gibbons (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Paul Greenberg (“Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris”) and Jenny Daly (“Storage Hunters”).

To celebrate his new show, Pop and Xfinity invite you to come meet Return of the Mac star and boy-band heart-throb, Joey McIntyre, at Xfinity in Alpharetta, GA!


*Event is first come, first served. Availability subject to time limits. Limit two autographs per person.

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  1. Jocelyn says
    I can vividly remember being six years old. It's 1993. My older sister is getting ready to go see NKOTB, and I was too young to go. Joey was always my favorite. I'd probably still fangirl out.
  2. fashionbeyondforty says
    This sounds like a great event for the people of Atlanta! My husband will be there on business but unfortunately not exactly at the time this is showing. Have fun Atlantians!
  3. Tammy says
    Oh I love NKOTHB. I will have to babe sure to watch this show
  4. gaborvantolna says
    How cool! I wish I could go... Enjoy!
  5. Jeannette says
    I so wish I was closer! He was my favorite NKOTB and I seriously can't wait to check out the show!
  6. Stacey says
    OMG I am totally an 80s girl and NKOTB was my group. I think i even have a towel lol
  7. vishalgmr1971 says
    I think the event is completed by the time I post my comment. I do know, that this is a good event because I have some childhood memories of NKONTB. I would've loved to join but I am not in Atlanta.
  8. Michelle Waller says
    Oh my goodness!! I wish I would have known about this!!
  9. chei says
    Oh this sounds interesting! I will definitely watch this.
  10. Elizabeth O. says
    I haven't heard from them in a long time. I'm sure a lot of fans will be excited about his return though. That's really cool!
  11. oh wow I have not heard of them for a long time and I wish I could go as some great childhood memories indeed
  12. MaryAnne says
    ohhhh! I wish I was there to enjoy this fabulous experience! well, enjoy then!!!
  13. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight says
    Oh, so I'm not the only one who uses their children to enjoy their past. LOL I have been enjoying the bands of my teen years resurfacing in my 40s. It's especially entertaining when my kiddos are enjoying the music and I tell them that they were from my day. They give me the most puzzled look, but the keep on listening.
  14. Victoria Sconion says
    WOW! I didn't even know they were still doing shows, events, etc. My first memory of them was when I was about 6 and I got the board game. LOL
  15. Fatima Torres at MTME says
    My niece is such a huge fan of him. She'd love to go to the event! Sadly, we're not in Atlanta.
  16. Coralie says
    I used to listen to NKOTB all of the time growing up. I loved listening to Joey later on. I love that he is still singing. Such a great voice!
  17. E H (@ehesketh) says
    My kids would love to watch this - wish we lived closer! The doll looks like a great collectible! I know my kids are just at the age when they are starting to like heart-throb boy bands, and learning about the pop culture. They love watching this show!
  18. Ruth I. says
    I believe lots of people are excited for this event! How I wish I am near and available. I would love to see this.
  19. Joey was always my favorite New Kid on the Block <3 I so wish I lived in Georgia!
  20. Ana Rose | Roads and Pages says
    I love the music of the 90's compared to some of the contemporary one's. The lyrics are meaningful. Congratulations for being able to catch him up in real. It is like a dream come true for you. :)
  21. Roads and Pages says
    I love the music of the 90's compared to some of the contemporary one's. The lyrics are meaningful. Congratulations for being able to catch him up in real. It is like a dream come true for you. :)

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