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Life is an adventure and it is meant to be celebrated, and I am so thankful to Jenny Life Insurance for making a way for me to do just that with their app!  Every single day that I get to spend with these two precious babies is a gift and I want to make sure that their future is secure.

It is said that there are only two certainties in life…..Death and Taxes…..
Death is something that is unpredictable but certain.  It is something that many of us do not want to think about, but we should. The good news is you can have some control over this.  Not so much the timing, but what happens after.  Just how exactly?  By purchasing life insurance!
If you are like me you may be wondering if life insurance is something you can actually afford.  After all, if you are trying to secure your family’s financial future by purchasing life insurance, it is bound to be expensive right?   We are not alone in our thoughts.  Many Americans believe that life insurance is simply too expensive to purchase.  Yes, it can be for some depending on their circumstances, but for many, it is actually something that can be as small as $5 a month.


Think about that for a moment-some plans can be as low as $5 a month.  How often do you spend money on coffee every day at your local coffee store?  Me?  I do this almost every single day which leads me to the amount I spend on that.  If I buy a cup of my favorite latte every day then I am spending roughly $120 a month.  Maybe you buy that special latte every day too?  What if we invest a portion of that money on our family?  There are many plans that are reasonably priced.


Jenny Life
Many of you reading this are mothers or will be one day.  I know many of our goals are to provide our children with rich experiences that will last a lifetime but also invest in their future.    As mothers, we have to think about the life we will leave our children with should anything ever happen to us.  Now I realize that can be a hard thing for many of us to think about, we can’t afford NOT to think about the long term.  Life can change in the blink of an eye!


How many times have you been watching television and come across those life insurance commercials?  To be honest, every time I saw one of those I turned the channel.  After all, I am not that old.  Only the elderly need to think about that or at least that is what many of them are targeting.  Silly me!  If I only knew then what I know now.  With an estimated 60% of women not holding any type of life insurance, I do not want to join that statistic!

You are NEVER too old to be thinking about life insurance.  Life insurance is not something just for the elderly, it is for everyone.  Whether you have just started out or about to retire, you have got to invest in life insurance.  It is the guaranteed money that will help sustain those that are left behind should anything happen to you or your significant other.

The entire process of purchasing just the right plan can be exhausting and time-consuming. Thankfully, Lief and Chirag, two husbands, created a way for people to navigate through the process of purchasing life insurance through the convenience of an app.  That’s right!  No more tedious amounts of time need to be taken away from your family trying to meet agents, taking medical exams, filling out applications, and answering questions over the telephone.   Simply download the app and on you are on your way to ensuring your family’s future.

Jenny Life Android App

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Jenny Life, created by a Seattle-based team of insurance specialists and software engineers, have made purchasing life insurance less complicated so you can devote your time to what’s important in your life, family!   Using modern technology, anyone can find the insurance plan that fits their life and budget. The Jenny Life app allows you to get an instant quote and apply for life insurance entirely from your mobile phone.  It can’t get much easier than that!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can do it later or that what you and/or your spouse have from employers is enough or will last your lifetime.  The truth is it never is! Invest in your family’s future today while you are still here and have that opportunity!

Jenny Life Insurance

“Moms can’t live carefree. Your whole life is built around caring. We’re making it easier for you to care.”

Chirag, One of the founders of Jenny Life

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