In Search of the Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! For many, the symbol of the season is an evergreen tree with that characteristic aroma and plush, healthy green needles. Throughout November and December,  families are set out in search of the perfect Christmas tree.  One of our favorite places to get ours is Pike Nurseries.  They have fresh-cut trees for the Christmas season that help families to make the hearth and home ready for the holidays.  But with so many different types of tree varieties ranging from Fraser, Noble, and Silvertip Fir,  how do you know which one to get?  What’s the best way to keep it fresh all season long?


The experts at Pike Nurseries recommend shopping early this season for the best selection. Pike Nurseries guarantees that fresh-cut trees are in tiptop shape, receiving exceptional care to maintain fragrance and freshness. Pike experts will be on-hand to help customers pick out the perfect Christmas tree for their homes with these how-tos.  

Weather-Resistant Wonderland

Customers should look for trees that are not exposed to direct sunlight, wind and rain. At Pike Nurseries, Christmas trees are placed in a protected greenhouse to shield against harsh elements that can dry trees or cause needles to drop. This also allows customers to browse the best selection despite the weather!

Rockin’ AROUND the Christmas Tree

Shoppers should examine trees from every angle to ensure a uniform look on all sides, as well as fully inspect for gaps or broken branches that could diminish the tree’s appearance. Pike Nurseries positions trees in a forest-like display which give families, parents and little ones the opportunity to access the selection from any angle.

Tend to the Trunk

A thirsty tree dries out quickly! Shoppers should make sure trees are properly hydrated. At Pike Nurseries, each Christmas tree receives a fresh-cut on its trunk to ensure that pores are open, can absorb water and then are placed in a stand filled with water to retain moisture. Well-hydrated trees will have the longest vitality throughout the holiday season. Once at home, the pros recommend using a Christmas tree preservative in the water to keep the tree fresh for as long as possible.

The Greener the Better

Customers should keep an eye out for even coloration throughout the tree. Christmas trees should be a healthy, rich green color, with soft, flexible needles. The garden gurus recommend that customers rub their hand along a branch to ensure that the needles are secure and flexible. Stiff, brittle needles indicate a tree is too dry and will eventually turn brown or drop needles.


Types of Christmas Trees


Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

These popular evergreens are grown in the Appalachian Mountains. These trees have a strong, classic scent; rich, medium green color; sturdy, slightly upturned branches and dense, short needles. Ideal for holding light to medium-weight ornaments.

Noble Fir Christmas Trees

Grown in the snowy mountains of Washington, these trees are a favorite amongst decorators for their strong branches that support heavy ornaments. The full, lush trees are recognizable by their attractive blue-green hue and picturesque pyramidal shape.

Silvertip Fir Christmas Trees

This non-traditional favorite is extremely rare and only grows in California in elevations of over 8,000 feet. This trendy tree has a light fragrance, modern style and blue-green needle tips that appear silver. The wide spacing between the limbs allows for large, numerous ornaments or for a minimalist look to show off its unique silhouette.


Snow Flocked Christmas Trees

The South might not be known for regular snowfalls, but Pike Nurseries continues its popular tradition of snow-flocked trees for customers dreaming of a white Christmas. The flocking process covers the branches with a people- and pet-friendly, flame retardant material resulting in a low-maintenance look with little-to-no needle shedding, as well as no watering!


Pike Nurseries also offers premium life-like trees to celebrate the season without the maintenance. With life-like options to choose from, customers can pick a tree that complements their decorative style such as minimalistic, trendy or classic. Life-like trees resemble the look and feel of their fresh-cut counterparts, and the experts recommend selecting a tree that offers design elements – such as hinged branches for easy assembly, LED lights and multiple light functions – that adds the finishing touches to customers’ homes. All Pike Nurseries life-like Christmas trees come with a three-year warranty on lights and a 10-year warranty on the tree.

For more information on the different varieties of Christmas trees offered, as well as tips on caring for them, stop by any of the 18 Pike Nurseries locations in Georgia and North Carolina or visit

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