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If you live in the Atlanta area or traveling to Atlanta, you are in luck! Atlanta is a hub for engaging innovative experiences that are perfect for Atlanta date nights, Atlanta staycations, or even just finding some family-friendly events in Atlanta. From exhilarating natural wonders to enriching cultural moments and beyond, Illuminarium delivers a sensory experience like no other by fully immersing you in the world’s most extraordinary experiences. The Illuminarium is brought to life through an unprecedented blend of 4K laser projection providing guests a connected and shared entertainment journey, audio beams creating a unique and precise sound experience for each individual, in-floor haptics producing realistic sensations for visitors, such as the ground-shaking with an elephant’s stomp or the low-end frequency of a lion’s roar, and even scent, adding authentic enhancement to the immersive experience.

SPACE: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond

SPACE: A Journey To The Moon & Beyond In an out-of-this-world immersive experience, take an extraordinary journey across the galaxy. Fly through a technicolor nebula, kick up dust on the moon, see Saturn’s rings up close, and weave through an asteroid belt. A giant leap into the unknown, SPACE will transport you to places you’ve only ever imagined.

Only 12 people have ever walked on the Moon, visitors are invited to join them at Illuminarium beginning June 29 through July 31.  Guests will have the opportunity to take a giant leap into the unknown as they tour throughout the solar system, including a techicolor flight through the nebula, seeing planets and constellations at an extraordinary scale and weaving through an asteroid belt close to Saturn’s rings. Guests will travel through time with a history of the journey to space, then observe a futuristic colony, listen as astronauts prepare for blast-of and have a chance to personally kick up dust on the surface of the moon.  Guests who are 21 and over can also enjoy out-of this-world cocktails on the moon during SPACE: After Dark Sunday through Thursday starting at 7 p.m. 

Tickets for SPACE: A Journey to the Moon & Beyond are now available for purchase Evening programming at Illuminarium begins nightly at 7 p.m. for adults 21+. For more information and to purchase tickets, guests may visit  Visitors may join the conversation on FacebookInstagram and TikTok

Waking Wonderland

An all-new immersive spectacle, WAKING WONDERLAND at Illuminarium, Atlanta opens Saturday, June 18. Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s fantasy novel, “Through the Looking Glass,” WAKING WONDERLAND is an animated narrative composed of multiple immersive environments, each of which integrates a range of interactive technologies, allowing guests to join Alice’s granddaughter, Anna, as she ventures beyond the looking glass to encounter a range of surreal settings and colorful characters. The experience uses interactive props, motion tracking and spatial audio soundscapes to transport audiences into a magical forest where they can interact with the space, meet favorite Wonderland creatures like the Cheshire Cat, help the Mad Hatter in his chaotic tea factory, and come face-to-face with the Queen of Hearts in her throne room, creating a stimulating multisensory experience taking full advantage of Illuminarium’s unique technological platform and environment.

Key Features Include:

Lewis Caroll’s Wonderland fantasy world is brought to life

A highly immersive experience with projection mapping to the multi-room space

The animated narrative features favorite Wonderland characters the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts

Surreal environments and interactive visual effects

Audiences are active participants as extensions of our hero character Anna, using their bodies and movement to interact with the space

A dynamic spatial audio sound design featuring soundscapes and a musical score composed by artist Lights

The footprint can be scaled up or down to fit the needs of different operators

Illuminarium Waking Wonderland

Tickets for WAKING WONDERLAND are now available for purchase. For more information and to purchase tickets, guests may visit  Visitors may join the conversation on FacebookInstagram and TikTok

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